I've Changed, You've Changed, Everyting's... Different


Everyday is misery
I don't want to be here
Ilook at you as if though
Everything is OK
But if you truly cared
You'd know that deep inside
I feel as though I'm dying
I used to be so fond of you
We were such good friends
I admired you
I felt as if you were a major part of my life
But now all I feel is anger
I can't help but hate the fact I hear
Your voice ringing in my ears
Like bells that just won't stop dinging
As if everything you said means the
World to me 
And what I say means absolutely nothing
You sit back with a blank stare and act as if 
I'm not speaking to you 
"You have it bad"
You have no idea
I wish you knew
What I go through
And to add to my work
I keep trying to get away from you
I'm not anti-social
I just don't like people
Especially the ones who are so in to themselves
That they can't see
The most important person in the world isn't
Always "me,me,me"
So pleasantly I feel when I have time to myself 
Then I figure 
I can't hide forever
I must come out and tell
But some things I just can't bear to speak of
Just face it we're different
You've changed
I've changed
Everything... is 

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