A Night I Will Always Remember (Justin Bieber/ Taylor Swift fanfiction)


It all started one night when Taylor and her friend Abigail were driving home. Taylor kept getting distracted and couldn't keep her eyes on the road. Before she knew it she hit her brother Justin. Unfortunantly it causes Justin's liver to split and it requires him to get an emergency liver transplant. Their mother became the donor. All that caused medical bills and funeral expenses to pile up fast. Taylor couldn't keep her self out of debt and the only way for her to not loose everything and keep Justin alive she had to do something she'll forever regret. She had to become a prostitute. Will she get busted? Will she loose everything? Will Justin even live? Find out in A Night I Will Always Remember. Coming soon!


(Don't ask about any of this. It's more work from my fucked up teenaged mind)

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Justin Bieberas Himself
Taylor Swiftas Taylor Bieber (Justin's sister)
Abigail Andersonas Herself

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