Is it really over? (Demi Lovato Fan-Fic)


Its gonna be a week with Demi soon. She says I have to goto school. The place where I get depressed and stressed and bullied and pressured... yay.. What? I said yay. I still havnt called Demi mom yet it just seems a little bit weird. I start school tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm going to Sterling Middle School. Its 3 blocks away. I told Demz I loved school. Of course. Yay. Everything's just Yay. I get out of bed and walk into the bathroom and wash my face. I change out of my pajamas into shorts and a tank top. Demi is downstairs 'cooking' toast. If I leave her down there any longer alone our house will be an extra crispy piece of toast. I slip on my ankle converse and walk downstairs.
"Well don't just stand there help me!" She had 4 pieces of bread stuck to the ceiling. A piece of bread with butter in the toaster and a piece of bread with syrup in the toaster. Well there goes that toaster.
"Unplug the toaster before you burn down the house." I say unplugging it despite what I just said. She pouts as I clean up her mess. I use the broom to poke the toast on the ceiling. It won't come off its really stuck so I just leave it there.
"We should just be lazy and watch a movie today." Demi says sitting at the table.
"How about The Purge!" I yell.
"No! Your too young!"
"The Conjuring."
"House at the end of the street."
"NO! Why don't we watch Toy Story?"
"Hell yeah!" I say.
"No swearing." She scolds. I roll my eyes and sit down.
"Did you ever have an idol before me?" She asks randomly.
"One Direction." I say faintly. I remember the day I went to meet them clearly. My mother had walked up to me and beat the shit out of me and no one did anything. That is until Zayn cane out then Zayn saved my life. The security wasn't happy about it but they didn't do anything so.
"Do you want to meet them?" She asks teasingly.
"N-no t-t-thats o-ok." I stutter. I don't want to face them. Its embarrassing enough Zayn had to save my Worthless ass.
"What's wrong?" Demi asks.
"N-nothing." I say thinking. She gets up and gets her phone and starts texting. I must have fallen asleep cause someone pokes my cheek. I hear talking so I act asleep.
"Harry don't poke her she's asleep!" Someone hissses. Liam great.
"She looks familiar." Zayn says I choose now to 'wake up' I open my eyes and look around. The Five boys are on one couch and Demi is on the floor next to me. Zayn is staring at me curiously. I'm glad on one hand he doesn't remember but on the other I'm disappointed. Just then he gasps and goes pale He whispers something inaudible. My eyes eyes fill with tears and I get up to goto the bathroom.
"Cassie where are you going?" Demi says concern filled in her voice.
"To pee." I mumble and walk into the bathroom. I slide down the wall and cry silently. My heart thuds as I hear Zayn voice on the other side of the locked door.
"Cassie? Are you Ok?" He asks but its clear its his I remember and I'm warning you open the door. I get up and unlock the door and return to my spot. The urge to cut is deafening. He sits beside me and stares at his hands.
"Why are you here?" He asks.
"Demi adopted me." I say dumbly.
"No why did you come in here." He asks.
"Idk." I mumble. "Close your eyes and count to 30 and I'll show you as long as you don't tell demi or anyone or freak out?" I say clearly.
"Ok." he says and closes his eyes. I get up and grab my razor from under the shampoo. I don't care if he knows I need it in a hurry I slash jaggedly at my wrist and bleed I put the razor back and sit next to him hiding my wrist by the time he gets to thirty. He opens his eyes and looks at me.
"So what did you come in her to do?" He says suspiciously.
" Hide. Think." I say slowly.
"Is that it?" He says. Before I can answer my phone vibrates. I gtg a text message from Demi.
Demi is sexy:
I told him. Sorry.
I gasp and my eyes water.
"Cassie?" Zayn says in a suspicious voice.

OK HATE TO STOP HERE BUTTT I JUST GOT WIFI FUCKING HELL YEAH SO CAN UPDATE MORE MIGHT START A NEW STORY. I don't wanna be like one of those writers who never let the main character get help and stuffy stuff so yeah. anyway COMMENT MY LOVLY SNOWBALLS

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