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Scottish Beauty

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Chapter Three

After supper that evening, Angus asked all of his sons to adjourn to his solar.  Angus knew that Andrew and Robert knew of Emma’s amnesia, but Ian did not.  He was out the entire day handling some disputes in the village.  

“ mean the poor lass doesn’t even know her own name?” Ian asked his Da.

“Aye,” said Angus, “she does not recall anything.  No her attack, no who her clan is, not even who she is or what her name is.”

“Tis a shame for she is a bonny lass,” replied Ian looking sad for her.   “I’m sure that her clan must be worried and looking for her.”

“Aye, I agree with ye Ian.    If she were my lass, I’d be looking for her as well.”  Sighing, Angus continued, “She is no peasant, what was left of her gown was of quality, she may be the daughter of a Laird or at least from a noble family.”

At that moment, there came a knock to the door and Margo entered after hearing Angus reply to her knock.

“Laird, I was just washing the lass’s plaid, in the corner tis a name embroidered on it.   Perhaps her name is Emma,” Margo wondered as she showed Angus the plaid and where the name was.

“Aye, tis probably her name.  A good start, at least we know that much now, “ Angus said.   He was pleased with what Margo had found.

“Tis a pretty name, Emma,” Robert said with a silly grin on his face.   “Maybe we should go and tell her that.”

“Nae,” said Margo, “the child sleeps, I gave her a sleeping draught, she will no wake until morn.”

“The lass is no child Margo,” said Andrew with a hard tone to his voice.

  “Aye, I know that ye know she is no child,” Margo spat back.

Standing up in his chair and taking a threatening step towards her, Andrew demanded....”Now what’s that suppose to mean!”

Before she could answer.......”Enough!” shouted Angus.   “I know not what is going on between ye two, but I’ll no have it.   Margo, do not disrespect my son and Andrew, ye watch your tone.”

With an annoyance, Angus dismissed them all.   He turned towards the hearth, holding his whisky in his hand.   A few minutes had past and Angus knew he was not alone.  “Are ye still here Andrew?”

“Aye Da, I want to speak to you privately about the lass,” he told him.

“Go on then, spit it out.  I’m tired and need to rest my old bones.”

“Ye are nae old Da, ye are strong and hail just like the rest of us.  I want the lass Da.  I want her for myself.”

Turning now towards his son, his heir.......”Nae, ye cannot have her.    Robert has already expressed his interest in her, he can have her.”

Feeling his blood boil, he knew that Robert fancied the lass but he didn’t know that he had already spoken to their Father about her.    “Da, I found her, she is mine.   I am telling ye now, I will no give her up, no to Robert, no to anyone.   She will be my wife.”

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