SEX IN A CLUB (rated R)

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My name is Erica i am 28 years old. normally on a Friday night i am home or working, but my best friend who happens to also be my sister in law, Nicole, has been hounding me to go out with her for months now so when i finally said yes she just about died. She told me to wear something sexy but refused to tell me where we were going. I'm pretty ,i guess, i have long strawberry blonde curly hair that lays in ringlets down to my ass i have bright blue eyes and freckles everywhere I'm five foot even and weigh 110 pounds, my sister (by all rights) is 5'3 115 pounds has dark blue eyes and long dark brown straight hair. So when she told me to wear something sexy i want sure what to put on so i settled for a dark blue dress that came mid  thigh that is cut to show just enough cleavage the back of the dress was basically non existent it dipped downto sweep just above my ass, it is gorgeous i paired it with some black six inch stilettos, diamond hoop earings and a dark blue clutch that matched my dress perfectly. She picked me up at 9 and we headed out.
      WE Pulled up to a huge building with music blaring i just looked at her and she smiled with that mischievous smirk of hers. We made our way inside past all the bouncing, dancing bodies to the bar and ordered some drinks. We had 2 shots of vodka and she wanted to dance. While we were dancing this gorgeous man came up to me and started dancing with me instantly my panties became moist he is around 6'3 two hundred pounds of pure muscle short black hair and hazel eyes with a perfect tan and he is dancing with me! He asked if i wanted a drink i shook my head yes since it would be pointless to try to speak over the blaring music of the club.he grabbed my hand and led me off the dance floor Nicole caught my attention and winked at me i smiled and winked back, I felt ashamed for thinking that even though I don't know this mans name or anything about him all i really want him to do is take me right there and Fuck me so hard i couldn't remember my own name, heat suddenly pooled in between my thighs making me painfully aware how horny i truly  am i realized i needed to calm mYself before i asked him to do just that and as if reading my dirty little thoughts suddenly we were walking away from the bar and towards the darkest area of the club.
  He pushed Me up against the wall as my breath caught in my throat and i felt the heat pool between my thighs for the third time since seeing this god like man i was so wet for him already silently praying he would be the one to end my six years of celibacy I desperately needed this and hell he is sexy and i will never see him again sooooo why not. He leaned down to kiss me and ran his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance which i eagerly gave him ready for what ever he is about to do to me. He ran his hand down my body first stopping at my breast to give it a gentle but firm squeeze then made his way down my stomach and finally found my mound with a sexy smirk he started rubbing at my aching core he slowly ran on finger between my slit and dipped into me, God you're so tight he breathed into my ear all i could manage was a moan. He slowly added two fingers stroking  in and out as he picked up the pace i realized i was bucking my hips moving with his fingers as he was already bringing me so close to my climax thank god for the loud music cause I'm not sure i could keep quiet if i wanted to, he slowly pulled his fingers out of me before i reached my climax i whimpered with want and need filling me a he pressed against me so i could feel his need as well he sucked my juices of his fingers and then pressed his lips to mine so i could taste myself as well finally he lifted me up with my back on the wall and his hands on the back of my thighs holding me up pulling his huge manhood out and pushing my panties to the aside as he pushed inside of my wet slit i screamed out in pure pleasure and threw my head back as my inner walls sucked his big cock further inside me wanting every inch he had to offer not wanting to let him go he pulled out slowly teasing me before he slammed into me again, FASTER HARDER I SCREAMED please please i begged for my release and he did just as i asked,i was having wave after wave of exstacy I didn't want it to stop, please don't stop i breathed while he was licking and sucking on the sweet spot just behind my ear oh god i screamed while his thick manhood pounded into me and i creamed all over him several more times as he jammed into me with one last thrust before exploding himself. It was the kind of orgasm that has your toes curling and your body burning from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet the most amazing feeling in the world and i just had the sexiest man i have ever seen in my life give it to me. Damn life is good i thought with a smile on my face as i adjusted myself smiled said goodbye got another quick kiss and walked back out to find Nicole who apparently was looking for me too cause i bumped into her as i was walking back out with my sex hair and flushed face and my mystery guy walking out behind me zipping his zipper..........