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Royal Pain (Book One)


The constant worry was really getting annoying but there was nothing she could do about it. They had never cared for a lycan before so Deva was now on full watch mode. Adamarius had not come to see her and she was grateful for that. She wasn't sure if she was mad at him for making her what she now was or thanking him for saving her from death by cancer. Eventually somehow Deva convinced the family that she was fine and no longer needed to be babied around. She wasted no time in putting on some workout clothes. She needed some air and space to think and figured a run through the woods would surely help her with that problem. 

The sun was still slightly in the sky as she passed tree by tree. She noticed her new found senses were at their maximum peak. Her vision was clearer and her smell was impeccable as well as her hearing. It was crazy to her that she could actually hear the waterfall from where she was standing thinking it had to be at least 3 miles away. She was enjoying every minute of her senses and sudden freedom as she wisped through the trees.

Then a random snap of a twig caught her attention. She stopped running and didn't even feel out of breath. 

"You know stalking is not a very attractive quality," she spoke thinking back to when Adamarius told her that drooling wasn't attractive.

She heard his vibrant chuckle come from a cluster of bushes. "So I see you've been using your senses."

"It's hard not to smell scum from a mile away."

"Is that anyway to speak to the man who gave you another option other than death?" Adamarius snickered as he walked towards her from around the tree.

"I don't want to be this way." She confessed.

"But it is who you are, who you were born to be. All I did was awaken what was already there." 

Her eyes flared. "You gave me no option. You bit me before telling me what was happening."

"Deva quit whining and accept what you are," he shouted in anger.

"I don't want to be what I am," she spat back. "I don't want to be like you."

He jaw clenched. "Well I guess that's too bad pet because you already are."

"I will never be like you."

Adamarius raised his brow. "And what am I exactly, except for being devilishly handsome?" His smirk was nerving her more than she would like.

"You are scum off of the bottom of my shoe. You care for no one but yourself and you would kill without batting an eye. You sicken me in every way possible."

He narrowed his eyes trying not to show how her words affected him. "Then perhaps this scum will let you fend for yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"I came here to help you accept the new lycan inside of you and teach you how to control your new emotions but I guess I care for no one but myself." His lips turned into a menacing grin that almost made her heart stop. That was not a good smirk he was giving her. "Evie love you can come out now."

She saw the bushes rattle before an innocent looking Evie popped out, walking towards Adamarius. Deva was hit with the strong scent of the human blood running through Evie's veins. Deva had only seen Julia that first day but the impulse of her blood did not smell as alluring as the smell of Evie's was now.

The hunger and thirst burning in her throat and stomach were turning into an intense pain. He watched as she struggled to keep her beast locked up and he almost laughed. There was no way she was going to keep it up for too long but secretly he did hope she could control it. 

Adamarius began to play with the strands of Evie's hair, lifting a curl up to his nose to sniff it.

"Mmm Deva she smells simply divine."

"Why are you doing this to me?" She cried in agony. The scent of Evie's body was giving her bloodlusts she never had before. She was scared she wouldn't be able to fight her inner demons off. 

"I want you to accept what you are and what you're born to be."

"Nooo," she growled in a malice tone. 

He laughed with glee to her response. This was going to be more fun than he thought. Adamarius raised his hand to the nape of Evie's neck and used his nail to pierce her soft skin and draw blood.

The whiff of blood instantly hit her nostrils and Deva felt a strong urge of desire consume her. The blood was taunting her and calling her name.

"Adamarius stop." Her cold loud voice echoed through the trees.

"Sorry pet but this is the only way you will learn." He spoke softly and caressed Evie's neck with his hands. His nail once again pierced her skin, deep. Evie didn't try to pull back or even looked frightened. 

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Henry Cavillas Darius, Marcus, and Lucian
Shelley Hennigas Deva
Mila Kunisas Julia
Evan Rachel Woodas Amber aka. Red
Daniel Craigas King Asher
Rachel Weiszas Queen Emma
Elizabeth Olsenas Izzy
Matt Bomeras Adamarius

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