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She-Wolf Chronicles: Vengeful Hunting (3)

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Hey, sorry for the long wait. What can I say other than, things are really hectic right now, and they are only getting worse as I'm going back to school tomorrow, exams are a week a way and all my weekends are booked.

I tried as hard as I could to make this chapter as long as possible under the circumstances, so I hope you enjoy it :)


Chapter 1

Mitchie's POV

Darkness swirled around my eyes as my lungs seemed to abrupt into flames within my body, cutting off all of my air waves.

Noises of strangulation seemed to waft in and out of my ears, and some part of me realised that it was me making the sounds, but no matter how much I wanted to stop, the pain was too great to even try to control or concentrate on anything else.

“Clarissa!” A heavenly sound screamed in anguish, and I tried desperately to open my eyes to see his face, to try and calm him from the undoubtedly pitiful sight before him.

But I could only muster enough energy to open my eyelids half way, and the glance of his golden eyes (which now seemed ochre due to the dark emotions he was feeling) was insufficient.

“What have you done Clarissa?” He exclaimed as he gathered me in his arms and laid my head on his laps, trying to soothe me with his touch. “I thought we agreed that we were going to do more research, not put you in danger!”

“No…time…” I gasped out; the internal flames now spreading to my heart, where I know it would lodge for a certain amount of time before killing me – just like a cancer.

I felt drops of water land on my cheeks as Michael touched my forehead to his, just before I heard the word that shattered my heart more than the fire could ever try to burn.



I gasped and sat up, my breath coming out in short tremors as a cold sweat ran down my body. I rubbed above my lungs and my heart through my shirt, trying to get rid of the sympathy pains.

I’d been having these dreams ever since I turned 18 two months ago, and everyone one of them had been in different stages of my mother’s life. Some happy, and some unbearable to witness.

This one was the worst one I had had to endure, and I don’t think I would be able to handle anymore.

A warm hand cupped my cheek and turned my face toward him, and my body immediately began to relax when I stared into a pair of concerned ocean eyes.

“Mitchie? What’s wrong?” Derek said quietly as he soothed my hair out of my face gently at the same time wiping away the beads of water off my forehead.

I sighed and put my head on his shoulder and put my arms around his bare chest. “Nothing. Just the dreams again.”

He mirrored my sigh and lay back down making my lie down on top of him, and he put his arms around me. “Which stage?”

I snuggled into his chest as he ran his hands through my hair, “When she first drank the potion.”

He stayed quiet for a while. “I’m sorry, Angel, that must have been horrible to witness.”

“That’s thing, Derek. I wasn’t witnessing it this time. I was my mother. I was feeling and thinking what she was.” My voice broke as I said the last bit, and I scrunched up my eyes in grief.

A part of me wished, not for the first time, that it had been me taking that potion and feeling those things first hand. Then that way she would have still been alive, and would have already dealt with Caleb and all the trouble he’d been causing, and that Nick and Lucy would still have both of their parents with them alive.

But I knew that my mother would have never done that to any of her children, and that I had inherited my selflessness and sense of responsibility from her and therefore no matter how much I wished for a different outcome, she would have taken the option of taking that potion rather than have hundreds of people killed even if she were alive now.

It’s just the way we were.

“We’re close, Angel. We’ll find your grandmother, and then we’ll get answers, because there has a got to be a reason that you are having these dreams.” He said quietly, but there was desperation in his voice.

Knowing Derek, he mostly wanted my anguish at witnessing my mother’s past to end, and getting other answers probably weren’t as important until that one was answered as it would be the only way I would stop having them.

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Ashley Greeneas Mitchie Oaken
Sean Farisas Derek Woods
Will Youngas Craig Mason
Adam Lambertas Tom Woods
Chad Michael Murrayas Nate Mason
Amanda Seyfriedas Lauren

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