One direction dirty imagines


Daddy was gonna be very upset with me. You say to yourself. Walking home you got a bad grade On. Your report card. You walk into the house and daddy is sitting there at the table. "Hey (y/n) how was school?" He said smiling at you. You smile back and start mumbling. "Well d-daddy actually w-we got our report cards today" you say looking down. "Well let me see yours love" he says. You walk over and hand it to him. He looks pleased until he gets to your math grade. "You got a D in math?" He asked. You look up and sigh. "It was the test daddy. The teacher gave us a test and I wasn't doing so well with this subject" you say trying to explain. He puts his hand up and silences you. "(y/n) I'm very disappointed in you. You know what I have to do don't you" he says. He gets up from the table and walks toward you. "Yes daddy I know" you say. He takes your arm and walks you over to the couch. "Pants off" he says. You shrug your back pack off and pull your pants down. "Lay over my lap" he says. You nod and do as he says. The first slap wasn't that bad. You squeeze your eyes and breathe. His hand descends on your ass again and again. Your butt really starts to burn and You start to cry tears run from your face onto his jeans. "Are you gonna get a bad grade on a test again (y/n)" he asked. You sniffle and wipe your eyes still laying over his lap. "No daddy I promise. I won't ever do it again" you say. He lifts you up off his lap and hugs you tight. "Baby girl I'm sorry but bad girls get punished. Do you understand?" He ask. You nod your head and crack a smile. Feeling the tears dry on your cheeks. He pulls your pants back up and sends you to your room. You stay there the rest of the day until it was time to take a bath. "Uhh (Y/N) I got you some bubble bath stuff. Did you want to use it while you take a bath". Daddy asked you. You smile really big and hug him. He hugs you back tightly and starts to run your bath water. You start you undress while the water is running. After he pours in the bubble bath soap it's smelled like watermelons. He shuts the water off and turns toward you. Daddy swallows hard and looks you up and down. "What's wrong daddy?" You ask. He shakes his head and smiles. "Nothing baby girl. Come on get in". He says. You smile and get into the bath. You moan at the feeling of the water and the smell of the soap. He smiles at you and gets up to leave. "Wait daddy" you say. He turns back to you and sit on the edge if the tub again. "What's this down here? On my private parts" you say. You grab his hand and out it on your private parts. He touches the little bump and you move your hips up and moan. "T-that's your c-clit baby girl" he says. "Is it ok that you touch it? It feels better when you do it then when I did it" you say you move his hand again and rub it harder. Daddy swallows hard again and moves his hands with your hips. "Do you want daddy to touch like that? It feels really good" he says. You nod your head and he gets on his knees on the floor by the bath tub. He moves fingers on the bump again and you moan loudly. "Oh daddy that feels really good" you say. He spreads your legs and puts on of them on the edge of the bath tub. He rubs the bump over and over and you whine your hips. "Mmmm ohhh ohhh" you moan. Daddy kisses you on your neck and breathes cool air on your skin. You felt something building up. Like bubbles in a soda bottle. When you shake it until it explodes. Something inside you explodes and you scream loudly. "DADDY DADDY OHHH OHH MMMMMMM!!!" He rubs it until you make his hand stop. You were breathing heavily and your legs were shaking. "Did that feel good baby?" Daddy asked taking his hand out of the water and kissing you on your forehead. You nod your head and breathe deeply. You smile and kiss daddy on the cheek. He smiles back and leaves the bathroom. You smile to yourself and settle deeper into the warm water.

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