The Werewolf Under My Bed

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The Werewolf Under My Bed

I'm thinking about waiting until I get LTWM done before I actually start uploading chapters for this, but I really just wanted to see what the reception of this would be. You know the drill right? If you like it comment, vote, fan, etc.

Its short, and I don't really like it as far as a beginning goes, but it had to start somewhere.

I'll stop rambling now.

 *The spacing is probably all messed up, as well*

Prologue: Seven Years Ago


“Andie! Honey, its time to come in! You've got school tomorrow!” Momma shouts out the back door, putting her hands on her hips when I barely glance at her and keep playing with Joey. “Andrea Marie! I said now, young lady! Don't you make me get your father...” He voice trails off as she walks back into the house and I gulp.

“Uh-oh,” I blink, brush the snow off my bottom, from when Joey had knocked me over, and make my way back towards Daddy's tool shed. “Coming Momma!” I really don't like school but Daddy can be pretty scary when he wants to be. I think I'd rather go to school.

“Come on Joey!” I call for the black lab puppy I'd gotten two months ago on my birthday as I pull the sled behind me down the slight hill in our backyard. “Joey.” Barking, yapping happily, he runs through the snow, sliding to a halt on the ice covering the walkway in front of the tool shed.

I have to stretch up onto the tips of my toes to reach the latch to unlock the door and the moment I settle back onto the soles on my snow boots Joey barks. Growly lowly, ears flat against his head he bared his teeth at the door, scooting forward on his belly until his nose was pressed against the wood panel.

“What are you doing? Silly dog.” Gently I push him to the side with my foot and pull the door open. “Joey!” I watch him in surprise as he scrambles around the dirt floor, sniffing around every box and empty place under the desks.

“Andie!” Wrinkling my nose at the sound of my momma's voice, I hand the sled up on its hook and turn towards the door, calling for Joey.

“Joey, come on! You're gonna get me in trouble!” I grumble, clapping my hands several times to get his attention. He pauses in his growling long enough to cock his head to the side and stare at me like I'm stupid before turning back to the door in front of him. “Joey.

He barks again, whining quietly as he paws at the small closet my daddy had put there. I know for a fact that its empty, but Daddy keeps it here anyway just in case he needs the extra space.

“There's nothing there, boy.” He barks, ignoring me when I call him again. I sigh and stomp my feet as I walk over to the closet and jerk the door open. Well, it used to be empty.

I gasp and stumble back several steps, staring at the brown eyed, dark haired boy wearing nothing but tattered and dirty blue jeans. Those pretty brown eyes blink back at me slowly and the boy cringes when I scream.


Daddy came running the minute he heard me yelling, but by the time he got to the shed the boy was gone.

In his place was a small, brown wolf pup.

When I went to be that night I checked under my bed for monsters like I always did and those brown eyes stared right back at me.

That's where Aiden's hidden from my parents when they're home ever since.

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Kayla Ewellas Andrea
Taylor Lautneras Aiden
Hayden Panettiereas Natalie
Nicholas Rouxas Josh
Adrien Brodyas Marc (Andie's Dad)

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