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Spin the Bottle

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“Look!” Mel yelled in my ear as she yanked me down the hill.  For someone who was pretty buzzed, she was surprisingly coordinated.  We had managed to get down to the party without breaking any limbs. 

“What, Mel?!” I shrieked.  “Damn it, I can’t even feel my arm anymore!” I said in a frustrated tone.  I looked down at my elbow, assessing the damage, and noticed what looked like a rug burn.  I let out a sigh as I ripped my arm away from her.  “What is it?” 

 “Look! Over there!” she yelled again, jumping up and down like a toddler as she pointed out Miles by the campfire. 

            I peered through the crowd, trying to separate each person with my eyes.  When I finally spotted him, he had a drink cupped in his hand and his arm slung over the shoulder of Emily Davis. 

            The two of them went way back – she was the twin sister of one of Miles’ best guy friends. And if bro code meant anything, that would make Emily completely off limits.  Sure, she looked pretty in pink in her short fit and flare dress, with her tan skin and layered auburn hair.  But I wasn’t about to go ballistic over Miles having his arm around her.  They had a brother-sister relationship, nothing more, nothing less.  It was probably innocent. 

            My annoyance level started to rise with Mel.  I turned my head towards her, a flat expression draped over my face, conveying my growing aggravation.  I folded my arms over my chest and began tapping my foot. 

            “And?!” I blurted out.   I felt myself beginning to snap.  “So what?!  He’s talking to Emily.  Who cares?!  You know they’re friends!”

I threw my hands in the air and turned around, looking for the table with all the drinks so I could get some water.  My mouth had been kind of dry ever since Spin the Bottle.  Of course, that wasn’t a surprise, since Miles had practically sucked the life out of me with that unbelievably hot kiss.  Mel followed close behind, stumbling over herself, her heels clicking against the ground. 

            “Who cares?!” Mel repeated as she stepped in front of me and reached in the cooler for another beer.  “Well, you should care!  He’s talking to another girl after he kissed you.”

            I rolled my eyes as I searched the cooler for a water bottle, but there weren’t any left.  Great, I thought to myself.  I was trying to find something to distract me so that I wouldn’t stick my hand down Mel’s throat and rip out a vital organ. 

            “You know…” I finally responded to her as I faced her again.  “I’m not worried about it, Mel.  Miles wouldn’t do something like that to me.  We’re friends.” 

Leaning back against the table, I took a deep breath and let my arms relax over my stomach as I watched Mel chug her third beer of the night.  Every muscle in her neck tensed as she worked to force it down, gulp after gulp.  The fact that she didn’t even need to stop for air was pretty impressive.  Then again, she was the beer chugging champ of our school. 

            When she was finished she threw the can over her head and decided to keep pestering me.  “You’re not seeing it!” she said, shaking my shoulders.  Her breath reeked of alcohol now, and I couldn’t help myself from putting my hand over my nose to avoid the stench.  “He did the exact same thing to me!  Don’t you remember what happened last year?  He practically cheated on me!”

            Ugh.   I pushed her arms away from me.  “You guys weren’t even together!” A look of betrayal came over her face.  Trying to redeem myself, I said, “I’m not saying he should have made out with another girl the day after he took you to the homecoming dance last year.  I’m just saying you can’t accuse him of something like that when you weren’t even dating…” 

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