7 wtf facts

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79. each employee at Ben and Jerry's gets to take home 3 pints of ice cream a day

80. it takes over 9 million balloons to lift up your house like in the movie Up

81. the founder of Pringles was buried in a Pringles can

82. " the avengers 2" will be out in theaters in 2015

83. oreo o's cereal is only available in South Korea

84. Niagara falls completely froze in the year 1911

85. 90 to 95% of mobile devices sold in Japan are waterproof because people are so fond of their phones they use them in the shower

86. four year old kids ask an average around 400  questions a day

87. people born between (1995/1999) have lived in two decades,two centuries,and two millenniums and their not even 18.

88. Spongebob has worked at the Krusty Krab for 31 years

89. in 2008 a married couple in the UK took a blood test and found out they where twins separated at birth
thank you to @yeyedelacruz who sent in # 89.

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