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My legs are hurting my eyes could bearly stay open. And my whole body was sore. I probably look like a mess and i feel the blood dripping down my legs because of the fall I had earlier.

I looked down at my knees and saw a little cut, I looked around and found a spot under a tree and walked over then sat down. I felt so hopeless just sitting there in the middle of no where. I wrapped my hands around the cut and pulled my knees up to my face.

I felt like I was out here for hours but it only been 1 hour. Im so clumsy I fell over things on the floor almost 5 times or so ever since I left. I can't beleive all this is happening I just want to see Abby and be able to protect her!

I felt heat running through my body and it was getting hot. I heard a movement in the bushes that surprised me.

Everything was happening so fast a huge werewolf jumped out off the bushes and the heat that was running through my body exploded. The werewolf that was staring at me got hit with whatever power that was inside me.

He flew to a tree and hit it... hard... He then fell to the floor. When I looked more closely he was HUGE with soft looking midnight fur.

When I saw the blood pouring out his fur it kinda hurted me, I didn't know why but it just did. I ran over to the wolf as his eyes started to reopen. I knew it was a stupid idea to run up to a werewolf but I just did it.


Unknown POV




My inside wolf kept screaming at me ever since I woke up. He was growing aggravated with me not running into the woods.

I sat down in the kitchen trying to eat my sandwiches, but every 2 minutes my stomach would roll around with a strange knot in it. And every time I closed my eyes an image of a girl with long hair would flash in my mind but I could never see her face.




My wolf would scream again. It kept doing that until I couldn't hold it in no more I ran out the house and transformed into the wolf that was fighting to come out.

I didn't know where I was going but my wolf did because it just kept on running in the direction he wanted to go in.

"Alpha where are you going?" I heard one of the wolf ask through our thoughts.

All the wolfs in our pack could talk through our minds, wolf or not we could still do it. My pack surround this forest with more then 200 wolfs. No vampire would dare to come in here if they wanted to live, well except for Jake. He saved my life once and that's why his safe house is here. I heard that he was back this morning with someone with him.

"I don't know stay on gaurd of any introuders ok?"

"Yes sir. But I was going to go in the direction your going in because I smelt someone. But I guess you can go now instead." He told me

"Ok i'm on it " With that I took off full speed.