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Stop Judging Me (Old Version)


A few days later, it was a Saturday I think, I found myself at Casey’s house to finish an assignment. Since my computer decided to crash on me the night before, Casey insisted that I used his. That was perfectly fine with me. I found it a little unfair that I had an assignment due so soon. I was given the task the day I started when other’s had theirs a week or two longer than I did. I swore that history teacher hated me.

“So, what’s the assignment on?” Casey asked once he separated his mouth from his new girlfriend’s. Her name was Sara.


“Oh. Isn’t that, like, a lost city or something?”

 I snorted. “No, stupid. That’s Atlantis. Pompeii was a city what was destroyed by-” I paused midsentence and went read while Casey grinned and turned to face me fully.

“You didn’t stutter!” He said in excitement.

“I-I…w-well…I-Its b-because I-I kn-knew wh-what I was t-talking ab-about…” I trailed off, my cheeks burning up.

“Aw, Addie was right, you are adorable.” He cooed and pinched my cheeks before turning back to Sara. “Isn’t he adorable?”

“Oh yeah. Sure.” She mumbled bitterly before sitting up on Casey’s bed.

I remember feeling oddly smug when she said that.

“I don’t see why you hate history so much, Jack. You’re so good at it!” Casey glanced over my shoulder at the laptop screen.

“N-Not r-really.” I stammered before glancing at Sara who was glaring at me. Talk about awkward.

“Whoa, look at those statues. They look so real!”

“Um…th-that’s because they are. W-Well kinda. Th-They’re actually pl-plaster casts of th-the victim’s o-of Vesuvius.”

“Who’s that?”

“A-a v-volcano.” I replied with a smile.

I watched Casey’s mouth turn into a neat ‘O’ shape before he began laughing. “Ah! I’m so stupid. A volcano! That’s pretty cool!”

“Y-Yeah. I-I guess.”

Casey was wide-eyes as he read through my essay. I pursed my lips slightly and watched his facial expressions. He had many, I realized. One moment he would be completely serious, and the next his eyes would widen slightly and the corner of his mouth would twitch. Sometimes, his nose will scrunch and he’d move his mouth left to right. But right now, he was smiling. His eyes, which I now realize were a light shade of blue, were alight with amazement which confused me. What was so amazing about that essay? It was only three pages.

“This is awesome Jack!” Casey exclaimed once he was done. “You’re bound to get full marks!”

I gave a small smile and shook my head. “I-It isn’t f-finished y-yet.”

“It’s not? Crap, I’m sorry, I’ve distracted you. Finish it, man and then I want to read the rest.”

I gave a hesitant nod and gnawed on my bottom lip as I began typing again while deep in thought, why do I feel so weird?


When I was done, I printed out my essay and allowed Casey to look over it before I left. I politely declined his offer for a ride home and walked. He didn’t live too far from me; only two blocks. I shoved my hands in my pockets as I walked down the path. It was a nice afternoon that day; the sun was out and the breeze was only brief. I let out a breath as I looked up at the sky. It was beautiful. Clouds were almost non-existent today, leaving nothing but a deep sea of blue.

I smiled to myself and let out a soft laugh that I had been holding in the whole day. It had been wonderful. Casey, along with Jan, was my best friend. He was never careful with me; he never acted like I would break if he made a wrong move. He said what he liked, not caring if others would judge him for it. He had been sticking up for me if someone asked what my problem was when I refused to talk; he even stepped up when someone tried to start trouble, like those bullies did in the library the other day. He has become a body guard of sorts. It made me happy to know that there was someone out there who was willing to look out for me. Together with Jan, he was a force to be reckoned with when it came to me and my wellbeing. It made me feel giddy and I had no idea why.

But I have to say; Casey has horrible taste in women. Sara is the second girl he’s been with since he and Riley broke up two weeks before. After a conversation I had with Addie, I found out that Casey had a new girl almost every week. He and Riley had only been together two weeks before their break up.

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Chapter Five: Confusion


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