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Evolution (Book 1 of POE chronicles)

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*Slightly edited version* 22/08/2012


“The Era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close. In its place, we are entering a period of consequences.”

Winston Churchill

I think it would be wise to fill you guys in with the background details before I start my story, seeing as the version from the government is not true.

The third world war broke out on the 2nd March 2082, the cause behind it is now lost in history. When the war first started everyone thought it would end in just a few short months, but man, were they wrong.

The truth is, it probably would have, if it weren’t for the interference of a terrorist group who called themselves The Apocalypse. Very original, right? However, they were very dedicated to their course and had masses amount of weapons at their disposal. They were also very discrete about what they do, they didn't publicize themselves, nor have they launched any form of attacks. Instead they tricked different governments to think that they were under attack from each other while it was they who were behind all the attacks to begin with. Come to think of it, it was probably them who started the war.

A truce was made on 10th September 2083, when the governments realised that they were playing right into their true enemy's hands all these times. There were many casualties, but they were minuscule compared to what was about to come next. However the damage this war had caused was enough to cast half the world into turmoil.

And that's when the Apocalypse's plan truly began. They started to recruit in large numbers, creating all kinds of bio weapons, convincing people that WW3 is all their government's fault and that the peace would not last long, and they must fight back for this to end. All the while they were set destroying the human race because they believed only when the Earth is wiped clean again could we seek redemption.

When the world finally realised their true intentions it was almost too late. The weapons they created – so called World-Enders, an improved version of nuclear bombs, each one capable of killing every living creature across half of America and destroy even more beyond.

Luckily they had limited numbers of bombs in their hands because of all the rare elements needed to create them. They decided they should seek council from God and use co-ordinates from him as to where the bomb should be detonated. One in Tulita, North West territories, Canada; One in Creston, Iowa, US; One in Cuiaba, Brazil; One in Ikela, Central Africa Republic; One in Buyaki, Russia and another one in the south west; One in Hawaii and a final one in Beijing, China in 4th April, 2092.

The effect was devastating; billions were killed, especially in America and Canada. Even more were exposed to extremely high levels of radiation and the whole world was in a state of panic. Communication system collapsed; many hospitals, labs and resources were destroyed and the human population faced the worst famine, epidemic and chaos in history of life.

Without the restriction of law enforcement and driven by desperation, the people began to fight each other for the limited resources that was left. Food, medication, and shelter – it was the most terrifying ten years in history. The damage varied in each country, for example in places that was hit less harsh, such as Australia, order was restored within the year. As for places like Africa and America, it wasn't until ten years later did the chaos stop, and it was only because most of the population had died off.

Unknown to the general public, however, a space ship were built secretly after third world war by several governments together in fear that this might one day occurred. A secret operative who had infiltrate the Apocalypse tipped the American government off and together with the EU, Chinese and Russians governments they filled the space ships with important technologies, top scientists, precious artifacts, along with other important people and machinery were sent off the space in 2090 in fear that this might happened.

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Shailene Woodleyas Abigail Beckett
Pierre Boulandgeras Tom Triole
Malese Jowas Natalie Chen
Adam Gregoryas Oscar Tempest
Alexander Ludwigas Fred Bowen
Spencer Lockeas Joan Pichler
Diego Bonetaas Diego/Iago Gracia
Gillian Zinseras Elise Hawthrowe

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