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A Visit to my Brother.. And his five very HOT friends!


So, like.. My other account (heyyitscapp671) has been acting up lately so I made this account.. I'll probably upload my story on this account for now.. Until the other one learns to behave.. Urrgh! It's really frustrating, but I've got it. Uhh, I'm just reposting the story so nothing new until Ch. 10 comes out.. Which will be either today or tomorrow.. With school and everything it's hard to tell. Bleh. Anyway, uhh, just yeah.. Yay for old fans and new ones...



Chapter One

Talon Avery turned on the T.V. that was in the movie room in the house he shared with his best friends. Him, Ash, Declan, Zach, Ricci, and Marcus had lived here for almost two years now. It was the life; rooming with your best friends. When he saw menu screen for the movie he hit play and turned up the volume. The others were somewhere off in the eight bedroom house they shared. Although they each payed a part in the bills, there was no confusion as to who really made it possible that they could live here: Marcus Taylor.

Marcus, American born, was by far the richest of all of them, but he never threw his money in their faces. If anything, it was like Marc was ashamed of coming from money. Talon would never really understand it himself. He knew Marc since they were practically born and never once did they have issues. He wasn't poor by any means, but compared to Marc, he was.  

Halfway through the movie, the door burst open. Talon paused the movie and turned toward his unwanted guest. "What do you want Zach?"

Zach Valyntine was also American. He was also the one with the major sense of humor.

"We have guests." He smiled an ear to ear grin. Which only meant one thing: Girls.

"Really? We weren't expecting anyone.. Were we?"

"Nah. Not that I knew of anyway. But.." Zach paused for a bit, apparently thinking about something. "I think Marc may have mentioned his sister was visiting."


Talon thought for a second. Why would little Bradie be visiting?

"Hmm. Is she downstairs?" Talon asked. He hadn't seen Bradie since she was barely sixteen. Now she'd be what? Nineteen? Twenty? It was too hard to fathom.

"No. The car with the girls is outside the gate. Ricci wanted to make sure we knew who they were before he granted access."

"Where's Marc? I'm sure he'd be able to identify his own sister," Talon said quickly.

"Well, he isn't here. Neither is Dec and Ash. Ricci is the one at the monitor screen and that just leaves the two of us." Zach went over the one of the recliners and sat down. "Since I've never met, nor seem what Marc's sister looks like, I think you should go and confirm."

Talon thought about it briefly then said, "Fine. But don't even think about touching the remote."

Talon heard Zach 'pfft' and ignored it.

"I mean it Z," Talon inforced, looking over his shoulder.

When he reached the room they had set up with monitors for the security camera's, Ricci turned around in his seat. "Hey Talon."

Ricci De Luca was a second generation Italian. He took pride in his ancestry and spoke of his family in Italy daily. "Yo, Ricci. Whaddya got for me?"

Ricci pointed to the screen. "Two girls. American. One said she was Marc's sister." Although he was born here in the great U. S. of A, his Italian accent was there.

Talon looked at the screen. He couldn't make our her face behind the giant sunglasses she was wearing, but when the speaker kicked on and a voice came through, he froze.

"Is anyone going to open this stupid gate? We've been sitting here for like ten minutes already and I'm really tired from the drive. Can you please, please, please open it now?"

There was no doubt it was Bradie's voice. It may be deeper, more sultry, sensual.. Talon shook his head. That was not where he wanted his thoughts.

He turned to Ricci. "That's Bradie alright."

Ricci turned around and pushed a button. "Just pull up and park anywhere," he said into the speaker. "Sorry about the wait."

"No prob, just glad to be going in."

Talon watched as the BMW M6 convertible drove away and walked out.


Bradie Taylor put her car in park and shut it off. She turned toward her best friend, Dani Rogers and said, "We're finally here."

Dani immediately smiled, "I know. I'm excited to see Marc again."

Braide smiled back. Dani had confided in Bradie some years ago about her attraction to Marc. Bradie knew that Marc thought of Dani only as a little sister, but Bradie didn't want to hurt Dani by telling her that. The thing that Bradie didn't get was why Marc wasn't attracted to Dani. She was the prettiest girl Bradie knew. Between her naturally highlighted dirty blonde hair, to her sea-green eyes, Dani was a real catch. Marcus was just an idiot. Then again, he hadn't seen Dani in two years. Things could change. "Me too. I've missed him since he decided to move here. I don't know what possessed him to move so far away, but I guess he's happy since he hasn't been home for two years."

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