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Chapter 61 - The Traitor

Raven's POV...

I was really pissed. Instead of having our time together,I think that she didn't want to spend the semestrial break with me. The hell with that!

Actually I didn't hide that much, I think so . -,-

I was just at the hotel's rooftop eyeing my precious angel in her two piece. 'Damn!' I swear as I imagine it again.

As my wrist watch tells that it was damn 10 in the evening, I decided to get down and grab something to it.

Nah! I bet she misses me that much. I can't helped bit grin. "Shit! I'm such a wimp!" I muttered.

I jump from the roof to the place where the barbique party was held. Nah! The birthday boy's barbique party. tss..

Everyone, I guess were schock of my sudden appearance..Can't blame them. I've been out of their sight the whole day.

"The hell duze! That's quiet a show man!" kurt yell elbowing me. tss -,-

"Hey! saan ka galing duze? Kanina ka pa hinahanap ni nerd." Seth

I shoot him a deadly glare.

"Dare to call her nerd again and you'll be bloody dead!" He gulp after what i said. tsk!

No one will call her that except me..yeah..me ..me alone..

"Jeez! Ang strong mo duze! Makakain na nga lang.Damn!" Seth

Yah! What's fc*ng wrong with me?! Darn it!

"Hey! Where's Kaede?" Danica asked while walking towards me.

What the hell?!

"What do you mean?" i asked sounding confused.

"mean about what?" she asked w/ a confuse look plastering in her face.

"The hell! Why are you asking me where is Kaede if you are with her the whole day? Can you tell me what the fck is going on?!"

Everybody gasped of my rant.

Yeah! I saw her early but after that I fell asleep.

And I guess I've been asleep the whole afternoon. Crap!

"Oh my God!! Where is Kaede?" Eurika butt in. Panic is written all over her face..

"Andito lang siya kanina. I saw her. I even asked her if she want's to eat. " Saerrii


Double Crap!!!

"You gotta be kidding me Raven!" danica shouted in front if me.

"Do I look like fc*ng kidding?!"

Everybody is in panic mode. I can also feel the tension. I close my eyes to steady my breathing.

The fck! Where is she?! Damn it!

"Sabi niya nagtext ka sa kanya. " Danex

I texted her?! What the hell?! I didn't even know that!

"What? I didn't! I lost my phone!".panic is starting to form with in me. Damn!Damn!Damn!