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Don't Say Love Book 1: Destiny

Dedicated to
Elizabeth (Liz) Haynes

Just to warn you, this prologue is essentially an info dump. It's written to be read like a text book entry. Bear with it, the real story starts in the next chapter. Thanks a bunch! :3

The country of Aramos is one shrouded in mystery. To the other areas of the world, it is considered little more than a myth. Few have glimpsed the green shores through the massive storms that surround it, but none have set foot upon them. There are those who claim the howling winds and crashing waves were set by the Gods to contain the many terrible beasts that were rumored to inhabit it. Others say that they are there to stop outsiders from disrupting a paradise the Gods had created strictly for themselves. Neither claims are far from the truth.

On the continent there lived hundreds of creatures, all of which held extraordinary abilities. There were those who simply spoke in more than one tongue, allowing them to communicate with the more sentient beings, others could do things as magnificent as control the forces of nature, breach the minds of others and bend time and space. While most found on Aramos looked to be more animal in nature, there were two species that resembled the humans that inhaboted the rest of the world: the Elves and Demons.

The Elves were a race more connected with nature, often whispering with the wind, meditating with the earth, dancing with the flames and singing with the water. They could speak to and understand any and all animals and had an aptitude for herbal remedies. Overall, they were a peaceful race, preferring to settle matters with words rather than weapons. However, when called to battle, they could be a deadly force.

Demons were limited with their multi-lingual abilities, with only a few working to learn a speech beyond their own. Magic flowed through their veins just as it did the Elves, but rather than moving with nature, they focused more on themselves. Psychics, telepaths, healers and shape shifters were common among Demons. They were more violent, but were also careful planners, often creating ridiculously complicated schemes to achieve a simple goal.

In the beginnings of Aramos, everything and everyone lived together in a relatively peaceful state. Despite all the differences the land held, the creatures on it learned to benefit from and balance out each others strengths and weaknesses. To aid in this, the Elves and Demons each elected their own leaders. Separate systems of law and order were created, but the leaders themselves were careful to maintain peaceful relations. For a number of years, all was well within the borders of Aramos. The Gods themselves seemed to be pleased with the choices made and granted immense longevity to both Queen Miir of the Elves and King Hier of the Demons; a gift that would extend to their spouses and children when they came to have them.

Then the Prophet appeared.

She was said to have been created by the Gods rather than born from the flesh of mortals. Of the few that had seen her, all claimed her to be a beauty beyond measure: hair as silver as the stars, eyes as red as rubies and skin as pale as alabaster. She moved with such grace that some thought her floating rather than walking. When she spoke, it was in a beautiful, ringing voice that was as gentle as a summer breeze but as powerful as a storming gale. Always at her side stood her silent protector. A man with an intimidating aura who wielded a golden sword. His skill was unmatched, many going so far as to as to say that it would take an entire army to handle this one man on his own. Together they traveled to each of the monarchs, delivering to them words of future events.

Both monarchs charged scribes to record the words of the Prophet so that those who came after them would be able to study and learn from them. However, while glad to receive the knowledge, Queen Miir was also wary of the Prophet's arrival. She was not hesitant to believe that this woman was exactly who she claimed to be, but she doubted the wisdom in so openly revealing the events of the future. After a century had passed with this tradition, the Queen finally voiced her concerns. She went so far as to request that the Prophet cease her visits to either leader in case her words caused an ill-fated turn of events. Her suggestion served only to anger the Prophet. Taking the Queen's warning as an insult, she chose to reveal her visions to the Demon King alone, as he greatly revered her predictions.

As the years continued to move along, Miir's unease grew and the Prophet began to wish she had put more consideration into the warnings she had received. Hier's interest in her words turned into an obsession. Every waking moment between her visits, he would study her words, denying seeing anyone until he had deciphered at least one of her predictions.

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