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The Billion Dollar Girl


“You talk too much,” I complained before I let myself succumb to the sleep.


ῼ Ash Castillo ῼ

Her head fell back onto my chest. I sat frozen, on the bench, my lips still throbbing from the gentle kiss. It suddenly occurred to me that Ella had never kissed me before. I’d kissed her, of course, several times before, whether it was because I was angry or simply because she looked so damn cute. Nevertheless, though this kiss was soft, a lot softer than any other of our kisses, it seemed different somehow. It meant something. It was Ella who wanted to kiss me this time and not the other way around. Just this fact had my heart racing.

I enjoyed the carriage ride for a few more minutes, enjoying the feel of Ella’s body pressed against mine, her flowery smell and the beautiful expression on her moonlit face, before telling the carriage driver to quickly get us back to the entrance. I’d had a whole event planned with fireworks and violins serenading us, but somehow that kiss was a hundred times better than any cheesy romantic thing I could have planned.

When we were at the entrance, the carriage driver opened the door for us and I thanked her. Scooping Ella’s body up with ease, I carried her back to the car. The driver opened the door and I got in, gently placing her into the seat. I got in as well and we were driving.

I watched Ella’s sleeping face. She looked so peaceful, so childlike I almost fell for her again. As I brushed a wavy tendril of hair away from her eyes, Ella gave a little groan that sounded a lot like, “Ash”.

I froze, staring at her intensely. Was that what she’d really just said? Had she just said my name? Was she dreaming about me?

I watched her carefully the whole ride, but she didn’t say anything again.


Author's Note: Short chapter today ;/

So I'm back! It's been so long since I updated this story I actually had to read it again to remember what I was writing about. But hopefully this is a satisfactory chapter :)

I've officially decided that Will is my favorite character. Not that I have anything against Ash, I just love evil geniuses. But as a couple with Ella... :/ maybe not? I don't know. Don't want to give away too much, when I'm still in the middle of the plot :) 

I'm finally getting a new phone for Christmas (YAY!) so I can be one of those sad antisocial losers constantly plastered to their phone, just like the rest of the world :) xxx

Anyways, I hope you guys have had a nice couple of months since I was away and I'm really glad to be back <3 xx


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Ashley Greeneas Ella
Alex Pettyferas Ash
Matt Lanteras Will
Chad Michael Murrayas Zack
Blake Livelyas Lucy

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