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Body & Soul, SoulEaters Book 1


As i had warned before when I just uploaded My Dark Angel, this story contains romance between GUYS! if you have a hard time reading material concerning this then don't bother moving past the first page of my story. 



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September 12th

“Don’t slow down!” Jae shouted over his shoulder. The others from his pack ran at near light speed past him. If he hadn’t been so used to it, he probably would’ve went into shock.

Not very unusual at this time of the year, Jae had been placed on training duty. The only difference was that, this time, he was in charge of the pups in the pack. Despite their uncanny sense of smell and hearing, wolf shifters never really developed the actual progressive skills they needed to function. Unless, of course, they had a skilled master training them.

Jae’s job was to expel their natural instincts, specifically telepathy and the control of their phasing, through physical activity. It was a very rough job, but it was one he would give to no one else. He loved knowing that he contributed to the wellbeing of his pack, especially since the threat of outside forces drew nearer every single day.

He felt a tug on the leg of his pants and turned to the source. He looked down to see a tiny girl, ash blonde hair fixed in a ponytail at the top of her head, whose grey eyes were overshadowed by pain.

His instincts taking over, Jae stooped down next to the young girl. “What’s wrong Abigail?”

Tears spilled from her eyes as she looked up into his gentle face. “I…can’t…phase like the others. They’re always making fun of me,” she sputtered out between sobs.

Seeing is old self in the young girl he grabbed her around the shoulders and hugged her close. “Don’t let them get to you, Abby. They’re just jealous.”

“But I can’t phase!” she shrieked.

Jae pulled away so that he could look right into the girl’s eyes. He stared into the grey depths until he was certain he had her full attention and then he forced a wave of calm to wash over her. Her pupils dilated, until only a thin rim of grey remained, and Jae was certain that he could convince her now. “Listen to me,” he said his voice deepening as the compulsion drained through the words. “Phasing is an art; it’s a weapon. Some acquire it before others. You can do it, and you will do it. Right now.”

Abigail didn’t move as Jae stood and let out a long howl to the sky. He felt the heat coursing through his veins; felt the slight burn of his muscles stretching as the shift took over. The last thing he remembered was hearing a soft yelp before the shift finally ended. He fell to his paws and shook out his dark fur before turning to face the source of the sound.

There was a small russet wolf standing not three feet from him, sniffing her hind legs and jumping happily about.

:: There, you finally did it.:: he sent with his mind.

He felt the excitement emanating from the young wolf and padded over to her. He gave her a rough nudge in the stomach before he gestured with his snout to the directions the other wolves had taken off in.

:: If you really want to impress them you'll get on. Now! :: he projected.

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Chapter One


David Henrieas Jaeson Parker
Matthew Morrisonas Michael McGregor
Olivia Wildeas Kemora McGregor
Mary Elizabeth Winsteadas Marissa Christian
Drew Royas Tyler McQueen
Roselyn Sanchezas Vanessa McQueen
Paul Nichollsas Ewan Christian

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