Once, I had this uber crazy dream.


 A dream like none other.


 A dream including one of the most amazing men in the world to me.


  A dream that-okay, nevermind. The last bit was a bit personal...


   Continuing, I had this crazy dream about two to three years back and I just couldn't shake it off or throw it away because it touched me so deeply. So deeply infact that when I think back on it, my toes fall asleep. Like, snoring sleep.

  Crazy right?


  But anyway, this dream, it was so unreal, yet so.....vivid. I'd never experienced a thing like it. And I'm guessing that's why I can't rid my brain of it.

  I've never dreamt it again.

  I've attempted to though. I've practically drove my brain insane, thinking I could somehow force my mental being to replay the whole act when I would lay to rest.

  But it's never come back to me. Not even a glimpse...


 See, here's what happened.


*cue dream music and crazy daydream blur*


 I was skipping along a sidewalk. Yes skipping, and yes....sidewalk. I wasn't alone though, no way, I was being accompanied by the great John Cena Jr.-but if you can't remember that name, feel free to call him my 1st husband- and he was skipping as well.

  We were arm in arm, skipping our time away. Keep in mind that no words-none at all- were exchanged or even mumbled in this surreal reality.


  The scenery around us depicted something out of the Candy Land board game and the pavement below us was made up of elegant, colorful candy swirls.

   I knew this how, I'm not sure because not once did I ever take my eyes away from ahead of me.


  I couldn't even tell you what I had on. It didn't matter though, John and I were happily skipping, arm in arm.


  This world wasn't one for a mundane, and I've no clue how we managed to get there. But, we didn't care, we just skipped.



Finally after what seemed like hours, we still skipped.


 And skipped.


And skipped.


And skipped.


And skipped.





Then suddenly! Out of nowhere, popped up WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston!

 Now I could tell you what he had on, yes, I remember that. But my eyes were ahead of me the whole entire time.

   He was dressed in his wrestling attire-championship belt and all.


Here comes the loco part though.




 He just left me..........and I hadn't stopped skipping by the way.


  I was still very much in Candy Land but now, I was being accompanied by Kofi.

 And do you know what he did??











  He looked at me (who was still skipping!)



 He took my arm in his........




And we skipped down the elegant, colorful candy swirled pavement, arm in arm.


*cue fading out of daydream state*



There you have it. The very possible reason of why I might not be all there in the head today. The infamous dream!


Repeating my earlier question:



 Crazy, right?



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