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Volume 1!

"So… you're supposed to be evil, right?"

The last slips of paper had yet to float downwards from the broken window, and already the peons were questioning him.

Turning, Leviathan slid his gaze towards the imbecile who spoke. The rest of the humans, measly office grunts, were smart enough not to intervene. He could almost taste the terror in their veins.

No, they weren't afraid of him. The people were never afraid of him.

Having spent his entire life in the shadow of Kraken, his brother, Leviathan had come to the realization that his serpentine appearance, not to mention his bitter personality, would never earn him the status of super-villain. He had a slender waist, and despite being taller than the average human, his shoulders were not exceptionally broad. At the very least, he looked cold and calculating.

"What a two dimensional word," he growled, narrowing his green eyes at the arrogant human. "Of course, only a fool would think in such terms."

He walked over to the man, and with one, slick movement, wrapped his leather-gloved hand around his neck. Leviathan's black nails, sharpened to a point, lightly grazed the pale skin of the infuriatingly unfazed human. "You should be trembling before me!" Leviathan hissed.

He blinked as the human tried to suppress a fit of giggles.

Opening his mouth to start screaming, Leviathan quickly shut it again when he heard the tell-tale signs of his brother down on the street. Kraken had been thrown out the window three minutes prior, when he tried to capture Volt in a stranglehold.

Why, of the all the superheroes in Capitalia, his brother chose a lightning demigod as an arch-nemesis, Leviathan would never know.

Everyone in the gray office building screamed and ducked behind their desk as a thunderbolt arched down past the windows like a jagged blade of glass. A tremendous boom rocked the earth, sending the building swaying back and forth.

With a sigh, Leviathan dropped the human, and made for the window, throwing an ineffectual "I'll see to you later," over his shoulder.

Staring down the expanse of the glass office building, Leviathan narrowed his lips, and rose a hand to his forehead to knead away the quickly forming headache. He could see Kraken down there, trading blow for blow with Volt. Obviously, the thunderbolt had missed his beloved brother.

It would only be a matter of time before Kraken fully transformed into his sea monster form, and Leviathan needed to be there to stop him.

Their goal that morning had been fairly simple: Since most of the heroes of Capitalia had been forced to the other side of the globe to confront some other "evil", Kraken and Leviathan would take advantage of the lack of do-gooders and break into every bank in town. Things started off well, and if Kraken had listened to him, they would have gotten home safe with some pretty serious cash.

However, his idiot brother wanted to keep going, and by the fourth bank, Volt had appeared.

The thunder demigod kept a pretty close eye on them, probably because they were an easy target. One hit from a thunderbolt could knock Kraken out for decades, and would definitely be fatal for Leviathan.

The serpentine monster had been sequestered to the sidelines for most of the battles with Volt, not that he minded. He wasn't the confrontational type… at least not when the encounter could end with death.

"Idiot…" Leviathan sighed.

Kraken was transforming. Leviathan only had a small amount of time before his brother ran out of oxygen. They were powerful beings, even in humanoid form, but they were masterful in their true incarnations: sea monsters. However, there was one ruinous drawback… they couldn't breath on land. With a large intake of breath, Leviathan leaped outwards from the building, and fell for what felt like an eternity.

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