Memories Pain and Regret

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Is it too late to start again? The question raced through my mind as I was released from my cell. My heart thumped as I was led into a small room. In the room were a table and two chairs. On the table was a tape recorder and a microphone. The officer who had guided me to the room steered me by my shoulders to one of the seats, he sits opposite me. Grinning at me sending chills up and down my spine. He cracked his knuckles once or twice before unnervingly cricking his neck, causing me to cringe. He opens up a draw built into the table and brings out a picture frame and puts it face down in front of me.

“You see this?” he points to the frame in front of me. I look down at it and gulp down a massive glob of spit. I look upwards and say a silent prayer before looking the officer straight in the eye.

“You scared huh?” he said. His voice is deep and husky and his breath smelt strong of Listerine mouthwash.  He chuckled before once again cracking his knuckles.

“So, you see this picture?” I thought this was a stupid question. I couldn’t even see the picture, although I knew exactly what this picture looked like and it was showing plain out in my head.  With out warning he flips the frame over and there in the picture I see her. Helen. I know I’d never see her again. Not that I ever acted like I wanted to. She was my first love; she stole my heart like a thief robbing a precious diamond. Her smile brought me happiness, how cliché.

“You thinking about her?” the officer asked me, his breath hitting me like a hot aired fan. I swallowed again before trying to speak. But every time I opened my mouth to speak no words came out.

“Hahah, speechless heh?” he chuckled. He stared right at me, watching my every move. My eyes fell on the picture every now and again but never long enough for him to make a comment. Eventually he got up walked out shutting the door behind him, not even locking it. I watched through the window in the door as he walked away with the biggest grin on his face.