Raped by my Step-Father


Hi I’m Mya. I am 12 years old. My dad died so my mom remarried. Ever since my mom remarried Joe he has been raping and my mother does not know about it.

I got out the shower and heard the T.V on, Joe must be awake. I started doing my usual routine like brushing my teeth and what not getting ready to go to school.

-The door burst open


Joe: WTF have i told about closing these da*mn doors.

Mya: Immmm soorryy

Joe: No you will be sorry after this


-He picked me up by the legs and swung me over his shoulder. When we got to his room he threw me on the bed. I sat there shaking holding my towel as he began to take off his pants. When he unbuckled his belt he hit me with it four times then slapped me. I began to cry. He yanked of my towel exposing my va_gina and my boo-bs.


He started to feel on me. He sticked in two fingers inside my vag**ina. And he started kissing me roughly. He took his fingers out and pulled out his di*ck. he rubbed it against my vagin_a then pushed it in hard and deep. He lifted up my legs some more going in deeper.

He continued to thr_ust in me. I layed there motionless as I cried.



My mom was at work, while her daughter got ra_ped. This was not the first time Joe did this to me, he doesn't have a job and he his frustrated, he always takes his anger out on me. I threw on some clothes and ran to school. 

Same Day: 

It was sixth period, about 20 more mins before class ended. The office came on and told the teacher to send me to the office ready to go home. I hope it was my mom because if it was Joe, this is not going to be good. I walked into the the office and glanced around and I saw the worst possible person ever......Joe.

He looked at me and began to walk out, I followed him. When we got to the parking lot into the parking lot, we walked to his car and got in. We drove for a while in silence, then he put his hand on my leg the other on the wheel.

Joe: How was school

Me: .......


He looks away from the road then at me, he brings his hand up to my cheek, and says

Joe: What's wrong?

Me: Shakes head

Joe: Good, because I have a surprise for you when we get home.

A/N: *** I will upload somemore today*** 

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