Title: Tri-Wizard Tournament

Summary: Hermione gets a thrown into the marauder era with a barely any reason, except a strange locket with a paper inside stating to protect James Potter with all you have until the last breath. Not that bad compared to the hard part. Au Cannon

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The sound of a slamming door went unheard in the empty hallways of the twisted, transformed Hogwarts that had been left to the new headmaster, Severus Snape, said door just so happened to belong to him. In his office, Snape gathered what was left of the Order, including the young ones Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and the rest of the D.A. (except, of course, for the Golden Trio who were resting from the journey home). They were arguing with strain, trying to keep their voices down to a whisper. Harry and his friends had made a grand entrance in front of the Death Eaters only minutes before and had scared them off briefly, but the Order knew it would only be for a short time. They also received a bit of news from their second spy, the name of which McGonagall hadn't mentioned. She did, however, inform them that Snape was an ally.

All of the portraits were charmed and covered so nothing could be heard or seen during they discussion on what to do except for Albus Dumbledore's picture, which was currently looking down at the bickering mass unhappily, the twinkle in his eye nowhere to be seen. Professor McGonagall briefly looked up and saw him, causing her to freeze in place.

"I know you are right, Albus," she whispered to him, nodding her head. She took out her wand and produced two silencing charms one on the room and another on the crowd in front of her.

After about thirty seconds, they realized nothing was coming out of their mouth and they couldn't hear each other; they looked around until they heard McGonagall snap her fingers. They looked at her with a mixture of anger and concern.

"Don't give me any of that! And take a seat on anything because right now that is not an issue to be worrying about. We must figure out what to do with this information and discuss it like adults. Now, I will only let you talk if you have something to say and if it is important," she stated, giving a stern look to everyone that was taking seats on shelves, the floor, globes, desks and other random pieces of furniture.

One by one, from the twin red heads to the morphing face of Tonks and the cold face of Snape, they all reluctantly nodded. "Good!" she said briskly and locked the door with a swish from her wand.

She took a deep breath and said "I am now going to tell you two things. One, none of this conversation will be told to Mr. Harry Potter, Miss Hermione Granger, or Mr. Ron Weasley. They do not need any more stress on each of their shoulders." The Order and D.A. reluctantly nodded and she continued. "Also, the second spy is listening in on this conversation through my wand so whatever we say they will know telepathically. Whatever he or she thinks will appear above. It will make it easier on us and them." She set the wand down on the desk Remus Lupin was sitting atop of with a small clatter.

"First, let me state what I know from the spy. According to the source, Lord Voldemort is beginning to have doubts and will send the Carrows to the past to kill James Potter once the battle has started." A few gasps spread about the span of the room.

"We don't have much time. Also, there is an event that has taken place that only few of us are aware of. For example, Mr. Lupin knows because he was there. The only Triwizard Tournament to have taken place in the past fifty years was taken off the records. It was removed for reasons unknown but is illegal to talk about. I think they will make this one exception. It turns out James took place in this contest. So what do you suppose we do?"