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Lies, Lies, Lies... (Andy Biersack Fan Fiction)


"Emo!" A girl yelled at me. I shrugged it off and entered homeroom. Announcements would come on any moment now. Andy wasn't here today, So i had no one. Oh and about the girl? That happens daily. I was that girl with the.... here, let me show you. (picture of her to the side)


I sat quietly, waiting for the announcements to come on. Little pieces of paper hit that back of my Head rapidly. I finally turned around to see Brook about to throw a piece of paper. I gave her the 'WHAT THE HELL?!?!' look.


"practice tonight. My parents aren't gonna be back untill next week!" she said. I'm in a band, so practice is crucial! I nodded and turned back to the front of the room.


"goodmorning students!" the principal said over the intercom. "unfortunately, we lost one of our students." he said. I started to pay attention. "Andrew Biersack was found dead last night..." I heard. Gasps and whispers started to uprise.


"Katherine!" Kaitie yelled after me as I ran out of the classroom, making a scene. With loud tears falling, I ran home.


"Katherine what are you-" my mother started before she saw my tears.


"he's g-gone." I stuttered. A fresh load of tears started to fall. I was grabbed into a hug.


A few hours later, my mother left to visit Andy's parents, and I headed to my room, where I cried even more. When she returned she came right up to my room.




"what did they say?" I asked.


"their neighbor's said they left after..."


"after what?" I think I know what happened, I just don't want to believe it.


He committed suicide.

2 years later____


I wasnt crying anymore, just I had no one, not even the band.


I knocked on Kaities door. She opened it with utter shock.


"hey Katherine." She said.

"I wanna start the band again." I blurted out. She smiled with shock.


"what changed your mind?" she asked, pulling me inside and sitting on the couch.


"Andy wanted to be famous. In a band, a singer. I want to live his dream for him. He never got to, I want to." I told her. She nodded and started making phone calls.

in a week our band was back together, and back to making music. Without Brook.


Aaron, kaitie, Michael, and I where standing in an empty garage, that had a two guitars, a drum set, and a microphone set up. Kaitie, our drummer ran behind the drum set and sat down. Aaron and Michael picked up their guitars, and I stood still.


"Come on. You said you wanted to do this again, this band thing." kaitie said standing up, and pulling me to my microphone. She sat down again. Michael started playing "red", one of our songs from years ago. Kaitie jumped In with the drums and soon Aaron did as well. When I was suppose to, I started to sing quietly, quickly getting louder. I didn't realize how much I missed this until now.


3 years later___


"KATHERINE!" Aaron yelled throughout the house.


"What?" I asked, slightly annoyed as he woke me up after a long show last night.


"guess who's playing on warped?!??!?!?" he asked, running into my room.


"I don't know, avenged sevenfold?" I asked.


"no, well, I don't actually know, but no. Escape the fallen!" He exclaimed. My eyes went wide. That's us.


"seriously?" I asked, fully awake.


"yea, seriously. Come on!" he yelled, picking me up and running downstairs.


Andy's POV (no, he is NOT dead!)


I was looking through the bands that were on tour with us. I knew most, until I got to one. Escape the fallen. Who Could they be? Out of curiosity I googled the band name. I went into images to see if I knew any of them. First picture that showed up was of two boys, who looked oddly alike, and two girls. One of them looked like a girl version of Ash, the other, me. Freakishly alike.

"who's that? Some crazy fangirls and fan guys who look creepily like us?" ashley asked, looking over my shoulder.


"no, a band that's playing on warped."


"hm. That girl there looks just like you. Same hair, eyes, both wear warpaint, she has more tattoo's than you, and her fashion sense is exactly the same. Fucking creepy." ash said. He then left. There was something oddly familiar about the girls. I went on to YouTube and found an interview with them.

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