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I'd Go Gay For You (BoyxBoy)



Dedicated to my extended family. All four of you...I love you :)



The last class of the day was literally dragging forever. I really couldn’t give a crap about isosceles triangles when in a few hours we’d be on a plane going home. I fiddled with my pen, and lazily began doodling on my paper.

I paid no attention to what I was drawing, and stared vacantly at the paper as it began to slowly fill up with the markings of my pen.

The bell finally rang, and I jumped out of my seat, without even glancing at what I had drawn.

“WAIT!” The teacher barked angrily. “Everyone take your seats. I did not dismiss you!” Angry mutters were heard throughout the room, but the classroom quieted eventually, as the teacher refused to speak until everyone was silent.

“For homework…”

A chorus of shouts echoed across the classroom, and you could literally see steam coming out of his ears. I sat back and watched, a smirk playing on my lips.

Julian was one of the shouters.

That made me laugh.

He pounded on his desk with his beefy hand, but the class was not so easily silenced this time.

“Everyone SHUT UP!” he yelled, finally losing his temper. “If you do not do the homework, you will all fail the term.”

That shut everyone up.

He gave us homework then, and it soured my mood slightly. Who the fuck gives homework over Christmas break?

I wrote down the work, just in case Julian was feeling holier than thou, and put it away in my satchel.

We left the classroom together and headed back towards our dorm room.

I looked around, and wondered what I should take home with me. It would only be two weeks, but still…I’d want to look nice for my girlfriend.

I opened the drawer with my nice button down shirts, and packed a fair few of those, humming quietly to myself as I danced with myself to and from my suitcase.

“Excited much?” Julian asked me, grinning from where he was standing by his bed, closing his suitcase.

I nodded my head, concentrating on what pants to bring along with me. I continued my humming, and I strutted, wiggling my hips like a girl, and having a blast.

He chuckled, and I grinned back, grabbing a handful of ties.

I really was shite at packing, but I figured, if I would need it, I better bring it along.

I dumped a handful of underwear and undershirts into the suitcase, and peeked over my shoulder at Julian, who was already sitting on top of his suitcase, waiting patiently for me.

“You’re a quick packer,” I commented softly, taking my socks from the drawer, and carefully folding them to fit into a small spot on the left of my shirts.

“I don’t care about making it as neat as you do,” he replied dryly, huffing slightly. “Come on Joel, I want to go home.”

He didn’t exactly whine, but the pleading tone in his voice made me smile.

“I’m nearly done, Twin.” I told him happily, my smile radiating like sunshine on my face.

From the far corner of one of my drawer’s, I took out a ring. I slipped it onto my finger, and stared at it absently, recalling when I had received it.

Julian had the same exact one.

We had gotten it on our thirteenth birthdays. I had hidden it in the drawer, but I couldn’t remember why now.

I shut my suitcase, and heaved it onto the floor. A satisfied smile tugging at the corner of my lips. I was finally finished!

“Ready to go?” He asked, always the one in charge.

“Yes! I want to go home already! It feels as if it’s been forever!” He nodded his head seriously. “I really miss Brooklyn. It was so much more…I don’t know…it’s much easier for me to cope there. I had friends and stuff, here it’s just…boring. All learning, and some play. Which, I guess isn’t so bad. It’s awesome that we get to be in the same room though. I don’t know how we managed that. Since technically, siblings are never put in the same room.”

“I think dad paid them off.” He muttered in a monotone, sounding slightly annoyed.

“That’s a good thing, no? At least we were together…” His eyes blazed with something akin to anger, and I drew back, shocked. He blinked, and then his eyes were normal again.

“Sorry,” he said, his voice gentle. “I didn’t mean to snap.”

I nodded hesitantly back at him, and we walked together out the door, and outside, where a taxi would hopefully be waiting for us.

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