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A Princeton Love Story( a mindless behavior love story (Rated R))


NAE THOUGHTS: when I woke up I started at my cealing because I have a poster of princeton on it. I blew a kiss to it. Then I heard my phone fibrating on the night stand by my head. When I picked it up and looked I had 10 messages from nia and 1 from prince. When I saw prince name I started to blush then I opened ……..

PRINCE: morning babe I hope you had a good night sleep and I had the best dream about you last night. But I wanted to know if you would like to come to the hotel bcuz I really wanna have a chill day bcuz we are leaving tomarrow.

NAE: of course I would love too. speaking of tomarrow are we leaving in the morning?

PRINCE: yeah. why?

NAE:bcuz my aunt and uncle has to work tomarrow morning soooo im just gona sleep over tonight. is that okay with kiesha?

PRINCE:yeah she wont mind. but its gona be me, you, ray, celie, prod, and your cuz.

NAE: okay cool imma textnia to see what she doing thoo…….. so say ill be there in about 20 mins?

PRINCE: great! but i would love if you came earlyer. :(

NAE: why??

PRINCE: so i can see my wiggly puff!

NAE:lmaoo lameeeooo but if you want to see me with hot breath and bed head???

PRINCE: welll . when you put it that way …. no lmao

NAE: i thought so. so 20 mins it is. bye boo!

PRINCE: bye princess<3


NIA’S THOUGHTS: in the middle of me getting ready i texted nia. she told me thatroc had planed on chilling at the beach.i wanted to tell her so bad about my date with prince but i had no time. wheni was done i walked to the hotel. it wasnt that far from my house. wheni was walking there i stoped by a CVS close to my house. when i walked in there was a boy standing by the door about to leave. he looked familiar. when i past him it felt as if he stoped and stared and then started walking behind me i paid it no mind and went on about my buissness.when i went in an isle i decided to turnand check if he was behind me and there was no one. i felt a little more relaxed. but when i turned back it looked as if someone was watching me but turned around and walked away fasr. i got scared and walked away to the cashier and payed for my stuff i then turned down my music so i can hear if anybody is walking behind me. i finally arrived at the hotel….


PRINCE: man imin love with nae. she perfect.

PROD:yeah and shes odee pretty with a cakey!(pats princeton the back)

PRINCE: i know man but aye dont be cathing feelings on my girl alright. shes different she means something to me.

PROD: aye chill man im just saying you lucky so hold on tight to her.

PRINCE: ight nigg*…. but whats happening with you and moni?

PROD:well she gave me head that night nae was in the hopital. then yesterday she sent me a naked picture of her naked…(shows picture)

PRINCE:i didnt know it looked liked that.(looks at the picture

RAY:why is it turned out like that? (looks at the picture)

NAE:(walks in and sees picture) is that…. MONI??

PROD: yeah… she gave me head the night you was in the hospital too….

NAE: oooh prod you just said the wrong thing now imma whoop her as*..

RAY:yes a fight i havent seen one ina while!! (runs in kitchen )

PROD: ayo ray where you gonig?

RAY: to get some popcorn nigg*!

NAE:(laughs and goes in the bathroom to get some vasilene then in to prince rooms for some sweats.) imma f*ck that bitc*h up how the hel* are you gonabe my dam* cousin and not care if im okay or not…. i could be dead (putting hair in a tight ponytail and takes off earrings then puts on sneakers and wipes the bottom of it…)

PRINCE: babe dont mean to ruin the moment but i think this is really sexy and fuc* that bitc* up babe(kisses my forhead)

NAE well lets watcha movie or something.




NIA THOUGHTS: i got a text saying how roc wants me to come to the beach he had a surprize for me. when i got there i saw a gig heart shaped ballon that had my name on it and a heart next to it. i took off my shoes and ran to it. i had a note. it said: “DEAR NIA, if you want to finish your surprize…. Love Your Rock …Roc(i know corny but you love me soo HA!” when i read the ending i giggled. i looked around and found the doc. i went over to it and there was nobody there. i decided to text roc to see where he was but then when i looked past my phone i saw a piece of paper with my name on it. it said: hey babe! well look at the sand ….. when i read that i was kinda scared to look up but i did anyways. it looked like words when i read it. it said: DEAR NIA! WOULD YOU ON TOUR WITH ME? 
wheni read that i was soooooo happy!

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