Chapter 11: THE DAY OF THE DATES!!; ] PT.4 .......did you wrong:'(

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WRITER’S NOTE: heyy ! lmaoo but umm i listened to DID YOU WRONG – PLEASURE P and you should listen to it bcuz ummm yeah it helps you feel the story….. lmaoo yeah deep moment what?! but anyways yeah enjoy!<3


RAY’S THOUGHTS:so i was walking down the sidewalk atthe park with ?? and we were talking. she grabed hold of my hand and pulled me towards an ice cream truck…

??: hey babe i want a vanella ice cream cone!

RAY: kay babe(- gave the guy the money-)

?? thanks boo(- hugs him-)

RAY: um can we talk real quick(-sitting at a bench-)

??: yeah go ahead(-sits down-)

RAY: umm i dont know how to say this but we have been together for a while. but umm. i 

dont think its working out. i think we should see other people.

??: but ray. we areperfect and i love you and you love me . we belong together (-starts to cry-) please ray dont leave me please i need you.

RAY: im sorry but i feel as if im not loving you the same. i mean it was fun while it lasted but it has to end. im sorry.

??:im sorry too. but at least can i have a hug before we go our separate ways?

RAY: ye-yeah i mean friends hug! right?

??: yeah. (puts arms out and hugs him)

RAY: (hugs back and pulls away)

??:(-pulls ray into a kiss-) mmmm

RAY’S THOUGHTS: wow she hasnt kissed me like this in a while. it was so passionate. WAIT no snap out of it. i love celie. not her i gotta get out of this.

RAY:(-pulls away-) no im sorry but no. (gets up to walks away but sees celie standing there) oh he-hey celie whats up?

CELIE:dont wassup me! whos your little friend? (starts to cry a lil) you liked me so much right?(-starts to walk away-)

RAY: wait no ce-

CELIE: stay away from me! (runs away)

RAY: (drops to his knees in the grass and puts his head in his hands and goes down to the grass.)

??: itsokay ray now you have me and nobody can tear us apart(gentley touches his shoulder-)



RAY’STHOUGHTS: i walked away not careing about ?? fellings. i went and sat by a bench on the otherside of the park. i was listening to my iphone and did you wrong by pleasure p came on, i put it on replay. i cant belive i probly just lost celie. i doubt shell ever talked to me. i have to at least talk to her and see where she stands in our developing relationship. i called my limo driver to take me to her house. when i got there i saw her standing by her window fiddleing with her fingers. it looks like shes been crying all day. it made my heart drop seeing her like this. so i went on with my plan.iwent to the side of her window and put my ipone on the speaker as the music played i sang alonge to it

RAY:(-singing-) i dont wan to loose this relation ship but we gotta stay strong. dont wanna move on.i know your sick and tierd of the fussing the fighting and the cussing but ilove you and you love me tooi did you wrong you did me wrong i take you back youtake me back i did you wrong girl . . . . . . . im sorry celie. even though we dont go out i cant loose you. your very special to me. i love you.