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Royal Pain (Book One)


Deva did her best in trying to avoid Adamarius and what made it all the easier was the fact that he was avoiding her too. Each new day Deva was thrown into new forms of Queen Duties. She was dragged to meetings and forced to listen to lectures. For the most part Deva keep her poise and accepted her fate but she also noticed something else getting in her way of concentration. Her sickness was beginning to hit her all over again. The pain didn’t last for too long so she silently bared it all not showing anyone what she was truly feeling. But at times Deva just wished for death so it could all stop. She had thought about turning into a vampire but the risk for her condition was too high.

Walking down the hall Deva felt a sharp pain run up her side stomach. She groaned as she bent forward hoping to dull the pain somehow. Hearing footsteps come up behind her she didn't give much thought to who it could be. Another sharp pain drizzled through her body and she hissed. Before she could even register her surroundings in her mind, she was lifted into a pair of strong familiar arms. 

His warm embrace around her body was so pleasant to the touch that it almost made the situation better. She rested her head on his chest and took in his deep scent. But the scent she thought she'd smelled wasn't there but instead was replaced by a deep musk of lemon and lavender. Her heart sunk at the realization of who had their arms around her and she pulled back to look into his face.

Adamarius had a stern look to his eyes as he headed towards her room. 

"Let me down." 

"We're almost to your room pet just hold on a bit." 

The sudden urge to put as much distance between them hit her as her feet touched the floor of her room. She practically ran out of his arms as if he were diseased.

"You're pains have gotten worse."

"No," she exaggerated through her teeth. "I'm just not feeling well. It might be from what I ate."

He laughed while crossing his arms over his chest. His massive flexed arms did no good for her wondering eyes as she tried to remain calm. "You're going to have to lie better than that. Have you lost your touch puppet?"

"Shut up and get out of my room." 

He raised his hand towards his chest, in a hurt motion. "Aww is that how you act towards the man that helped you get safely to your room?"

"When that man is you, yes."

He began to pace around her in a stalking motion. "Pet you know the pain will only get worse." Her meek facial expression made him continue. "You don't want to die do you?"

Her soft whisper barely made it to his ear. "Not anytime soon."

"And you're afraid of the risks the transformation of becoming a vampire?" He stopped in front of her still form, her eyes were cast down. "With your cancer you will only have a 50/50 chance of surviving."

"Thank you for reminding me because it hasn't been on my mind at all," she scowled and he chuckled.

"What if I know a way to get rid of the cancer and you don't have to die?"

Her enormous brown eyes searched his. Was he being serious? By the look in his eyes she knew he was telling the truth but it couldn't be that easy.

"What's the catch?"

"Catch?" He raised his brow with a devilish smile.

"Yes catch. You don't expect me to believe you would do something out of the kindness of your heart. Wait, do you even have a heart?" She raised her finger to her chin and tilted her head as she examined his body.

"Oh pet you have no idea." If only she knew the contents of his heart.

"So what is it?" She placed her hand on her hip in an impatient gesture.

He took a step closer and heard her gulp at his sudden warmth and forwardness. He liked and savored the uncomfortable sense he put on her and also the hint of vulnerability she felt.

"There is none pet..." He leaned closer to her ear and surprisingly she didn't pull back. "Because you have everything you need."

"What," her low hesitate breath let out.

He smirked while he traced his lips up and down her jaw line. She wanted to pull back and knew she should be but something was keeping her planted in place. His warm sensual lips were teasing her skin and leaving behind shrills of pleasure.

She hated herself for feeling this way and for letting him make her feel this way. 

"You are more extraordinary than you think."

She softly shook her head. He had to be lying. That is what he does. There is no way he would be this way with her if he didn't want something. 

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Henry Cavillas Darius, Marcus, and Lucian
Shelley Hennigas Deva
Mila Kunisas Julia
Evan Rachel Woodas Amber aka. Red
Daniel Craigas King Asher
Rachel Weiszas Queen Emma
Elizabeth Olsenas Izzy
Matt Bomeras Adamarius

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