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just met my brother who i didnt know i had, oh and also his 5 incredibly, gorgeous best friends!


Ohkay!! I hope you like it. I wanted to try something new. So please comment and vote!! Thanx!


I slammed the door as I hastily walked in the warm house. The cold, damp air wasn't something I was use to in Florida.

I took off my jacket, and hung it on the coat rack. It couldn't be less than fifty degrees but like I said...that was cold for Florida.

I took my long blonde hair out of my pony tail. I hated to put my hair up, but during cheerleading practice we had to keep it up at all times.

I drug my fingers through my hair, my hair wasn't all blonde. The underneath was died black. I didn't like blending in, so I died my hair.

After I was satisfied with my hair, I turned to walk into the kitchen.

"Jenna, will you come here please" my mom yelled from the other room.

Huh that's weird...I could tell by her voice that something was up.

I trudged into the other room. My parent were seated in the dining room.

The room was pretty big. Much like every other room in the house. My parents were kind of rich.

It hadn't always been like that though. When I was born we lived in and old, beaten house. In the kind of neighborhood that if I drove by through there now I would surly lock the windows, scrunch down so no one could see me and haul tail it outta there!

My dad was an inventor. He didn't hit his first real break until he invented something everyone wanted....

A new automatic weapon. He works with the FBI now developing, selling and helping advance the older models. My mom, also got in the FBI business, but she work as an associate for crime victims.

After that it only got better. We moved, got a bigger house. Now we can walk down the street with out being mugged, robbed, shanked....or raped.

I stopped a few feet from the table.

"yes ma'am?" I smiled. I was always polite to my parent.

I was the poster board for good children. I was a straight A student. On the cheerleading team (I only did that to make my mom happy though)

Also I was kind of a professional widely know singer in my area.

(well get to that later)

"sit down Jen Jen" dad said...uh oh. This isn't good. Dad only calls me Jen Jen when he's about to make me sad.

I crossed the room and sat in the chair in front of them.

I look at their beautiful faces. They were creased with worry, regret, sorrow

Wait a minute Jenna, don't get carried away (yes I do talk to myself)

"Jenna we have to tell you something. Something we have kept from you your whole life. You need to understand that what we did...we didn't have a choice. We didn't want to." he said looking me dead in the eye.

I squirmed a little in my seat. What are they talking about.

Trying to lighten the tension I said "what did you do...kill someone" I tried to say this jokingly but it came out dead serious.

My parents look at me then at each other and...burst out laughing!

My mom manage to say in a burst of giggle

"my gracious no" is that what you think of your parents?

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