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best friends brother? hahaha no ....maybe?


Allies pov 

"Allie watch out!"  

I hear I look behind me and SLAM I am on the ground. I look beside me and see my best friend Pat Sanders lying on the ground next to me. 

"Ugh pat you know there are other ways to greet people, a simple hey Allie what's up? Would be nice" "sorry I am still getting used to the board " 

I laugh as his skateboard rolls away. My older brother Sam ( He is a year older) and my other best friend Max Heart comes out of the house  

"What happened?" Sam asks 

I laugh "ask pat not me.". 

I have been friends with them since 5th grade.pat gets up and helps me. 

"Hey I said sorry". Pat defends himslef 


by the nick name I knew it was Shay Spencer my only friend that is a girl. She ran across her yard and came over to us. 

"hey guys, I'm havening a party on Friday for the beginning of summer, u guys coming?"  

we all said yah. 

"Hey Allie we got to get going "Pat says. 

"Oh yah"I grab my skateboard and head off down the street pat and I both work at a pet store, where they also rescue pets.


"Oh I win again"pat yells 

after he beats me in a race to work we do it almost everyday and he wins almost every day.. Pat laughs and dose a stupid happy dance I start cracking up laughing.  

"Ok since I win you get the first costumers.". 

"I know I know I louse enough"  

he laughs. And few minutes later a lady and her daughter come in looking for a can I bring them to the back room. The little girl looks at the cats till she got to sassy. 

"Mommy what about this one?" 

the mother looked at me. 

"That cat doesn't really like people." I explain. 

The mother smiled and turned to her daughte 

r "honey that kitty doesn't like people. What about that little orange kitten?" 

The little girl turned around. 

"Awwwww it's so cute. I want that one! Can I name her pumpkin?" 

Her mother laughed and agreed. She brought all the stuff to pat at the counter. After she left I figured that sassy could use some time out of her cage so I picked her up and brought her back out front's put her on the counter and almost right after I put her down she knocked over a stack of fliers 

"thanks sassy " 

I say laughing as I go to pick them up. After I get them all in a pile I hear  

"hey kitty you're a pretty kitty?"  

I look up and there is Ty Spencer, one of the coolest guys in school, along with sky, and shays twin brother. We don't talk. He had his hand out to pet sassy 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you " 

he looks over the counter and smiles  

"Allie? I didn't know you worked here". "So why can't I pet the cat?"... he asks 

'Her name is sassy and she doesn't like people " 

I put the flyers back and sassy rubs against my arm. 

Ty raises his eyebrows "I thought she didn't like people " 

he pointed out.i go to answer when pat comes over 

"she only likes allie, she found her during that big storm and since then the only one who can go near without her getting mad is allie " 

pat explainde.Ty looks at me and smiles 

"well can I try to pat her?"I shrug "go ahead it's you furanel" 

pat laughs a little. Ty sticks out his hand for sassy to smell. But he did it so fast it scared her, so she hissed at him. He trys again. But this time sassy smells his hand then rubs against it. 

"wow" pat whispers' smile 

"oh my god I can't believe she likes you!" 

He look up and smiles "well you know the ladies they can't resist me" he said 

I rolled my eyes. As if she seanced my annoyance sassy reached out and scratched the back oh tys hand. 


I smile "we look there is two of us who can resist you" 

pat laughs and yells "burn!" 

Ty looks at him with a dirty look. I pick up sassy and walk over to the door to the back room. I look back and Ty is bleeding.  

"Hey Ty come on" he looks at like like WHAT? I sigh.  

"Just because I don't like you doesn't mean im gonna let you bleed to death." 

"Oh "he said and flowed me." 

I put sassy back in her cage and brought ty to the little bathroom out back. Well go in and I told him to sit. He did. I got a first aid kit and started cleaning his cut. The whole time I could feel him looking at me 

" hey Allie?" 


"are you going to the party? The one at my house?" 

"yah im shays best friend, what do you think?" 

"oh ok just wondering" 

about two minute later I was done.i stood up  

"its deep but you'll live, clean it when you get home" 

i said and he stood up and flowed me out to the door 

"thank you Allie" 

I turned and looked at him  

"why I am sure one of your ladies who cant resist you would have took care of you" 

" i was just jokeing about that, you know thats what friends do. They joke."

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