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I've been through so much, abusive isn't the type I was hoping for



I could feel it the blood drip from my nose as I was rudely punched in the face by my current master. As unfortunate as it is, I'm a slave. Now, typically there aren't werewolf slaves, I just happen to be one of the unlucky ones.

I remember my life before becoming a slave, when I was the Alpha's daughter. I used to live life as I wanted and felt nothing could possibly go wrong. Boy was I wrong.  


  Summer started off nice and warm. The sky was clear and people were everywhere talking to each other and being friendly. I had recently just finished senior year and trust me it was one of the most happiest days of my life. I didn't hate High School. I had friends and I was smart enough, but I was more than ready for change. My plans after this summer were to take a gap year with my friends and go on a complete asia trip. We were planning on going to countries such as Korea, India and Indonesia. Then when I get back I'll decide what to do next with my life. I have three siblings, two older and one younger. Kendall is the oldest at 24 and she's married with a cute little kid. Second oldest is my brother Darren who is 20; currently he's attending college, but that is most likely going to change when he becomes Alpha. Im the angel child obviously, and I'm turing 18 soon. Last is baby Jacob, most people call him jake, but I call him Jacob just to piss him off.  He's 15 and just finished his sophmore year of high school.

Darren walked in with two plates of breakfast. That was our tradition, to eat breakfast together everyday. When I was younger I had issues with eating proper meals and since my mom was getting  pissed off she was making food for us and no one was eating it properly she made Darren and I sit together and didn't let us get up until we finished. Ever since then we have always eaten breakfast together. We had once tried to include Kendall to do this "tradition" with us, but she wouldn't shut up and annoyed us so we made her eat first and then we would eat quietly and peacefully. My brother and I aren't morning people, so you can't blame us for not allowing her to eat with us! Now since Jacob is the baby Mom and Dad fall for his sweet talk. So in our whole family he is the only one that doesn't eat breakfast. 

 Mom had made her flawless scrambled eggs today and some waffles with syrup and peppermint whip-cream. There was also the option of having bacon, but even as a werewolf, I choose to be vegetarian. As usual, we ate in silence until our dad broke the silence by telling us to go and get ready and stop being lazy bums. I decided I wasn't going to be a brat today and went upstairs and hopped into the shower. After my relaxing shower, I put in my contacts over my brownish green eyes. The brown was more dominant from my dad, but my eyes ended up having a coat of pretty green from my lovely mother. Since it was warmer than usual, I put on some white shorts and a purple mickey mouse off-the shoulder shirt, with some white Vans. I put on some random braclets I had accumilated over the years and put on some eye liner and mascara to finish up. Since it was the first day of summer break as usual my friends and I had planned to have a pool party, but that was much later into the day. 

I stepped out of my room to see Nicole, Darren's 9 month pregnant mate stepping out of the bathroom soon followed by Darren. I burst out into laughter as Nicole turned as red as a tomato, clearly embarrassed. But Darren, being his stupid human he is just said "What? I like showering with her." I disapprovingly shook my head this guy can be so surprising sometimes. Nicole and him met in college last year. At first Nicole though he was weird and didn't want to talk to him, however, eventually my brother won her heart and got her pregnant! I just hope my mate is just as sweet as my brother. That was in the future though, I was happy with life right now; I had everything I could ever ask for.

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Shailene Woodleyas Daniella
Kellin Quinnas Parker
Jesse McCartneyas Jacob
Luke Pasqualino as Darren
Nicole Andersonas Nicole
Blake Livelyas Kendall
Zayn Malikas Ian

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