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Love Is Louder [Larry Stylinson Mute!Louis]



Chapter 1


*Harry's P.O.V*


I glared at the alarm, damn it you sucker. It always wakes me up when I'm in middle of something important.


If you know what I mean...


I stood up and rubbed my eyes, yawning. My feet made me go to the kitchen were I silently prepared my breakfast. Milk and a toast. Yummy. Suddendly the phone went off. I ran to him, literally,  buming in a few things as I made my way to the annoying object.


"Hello? Is this Harry Styles?" the voice in the other line said a second after I pressed the 'accept' button.


"Yes, hello who is this?"


"It's Johanna Tomlinson, mother of Louis Tomlinson." she stopped for a minute and I replied a quick and quiet 'Go one miss'. "Well, I need to go in a business trip for some time and my son, Louis, cannot stay alone. So my friend Mariah told me you took care of her little daughter, Molly, when she went away for a week. And I was actually wondering if you could babysitt Louis?"


"Yeah ma'am, that's okay. For how long?"


"That's the matter, I don't know. It could be a month or 6, I will only know in a week, but in that date I will already be away."


"Okay miss, I'm free to take care of him. May I ask you one more thing?"


"Yes please son, ask away." she said calmly, I bet she's a good mother.


"How old is your son?"


"He's 15 years old, Harry." Oh uh. 


"Erm okay ma'am, when do I-I have to start?"


"Tomorrow would be good."


I sighed.


"Oh, and Harry?"


"Y-Yes, miss?" I asked nervously.


"He's mute." She hung up.


Woah, he's mute? Is that the reason why he can't be left alone? Because some thief can come in the house and murder him without him even being able to scream or cry out for help?


I feel sorry for him.


I'll bring him something....


Maybe cupcakes? Nah, I'm one already.


A CD? Fuck you brain.


Flowers? Too cheesy.


Chocolates? He might think I'm trying to make him fat.


A stuffed Bear? Maybe, seems like a good idea, right? Yes! A stuffed bear. I'm gonna bring him one in light brown. He's gonna love it, I'm so sure of that!


Here you go money. Bye bye. I will miss you my lover.




I grabbed my wallet and paid the huge bear. A simple smile with dimples and... voilá! 


The boy of the shop is blushing, it always works!


Now, one more. There you go.


Next, a sexy wink. More blushing.


And for last, turn around and leave.






I'm exausted. I'm currently sitting on my comfortable couch, putting a lace in the Bear when my phone starts ringing. Damn it, why would he ring and make me get up?




I have to walk what seems like 5 miles to get to the kitchen - where I left my phone - to pick it. Look who's calling.... Niall.


"Hey Nialler." I say.


"Hazza! I saw you today! You bought a huge stuffed bear! It's so cute! Oh my God Harry is it for me?" Yeah, of course you cock sucker.


"No, it's for Lou- I mean, Louliette." I lie quickly. What? If he finds out I bought a bear to the person I'm babysitting then I'm screwed.


"Hazza, you're gay," he says. "and mine." You wish, fucker.


"Louliette is his nickname, he's real name is..." Think. Think. Think. "is..." THINK HARRY. "Lewis Tomoffy." Stupid brain. Ugh.


"I can't belive you have a boyfriend Harreh!" he cried on the phone, god I hate you. "We were meant to be together!"


"Niall, we are only friends. Not more than that." I sighed, and rubbed my face.


"But Har-"


"I've got to go Ni. Talk to you later."


"Bye Harreh!" He yelled. I flinced. "I love you." he wishpered.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I know, and I'm sorry.

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Chapter 1


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