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The Secrets Of SEX HYPNOSIS  

BY SPIDERMAN Copyright © 2000 Mojo Publishing. All rights reserved.



Welcome to The Secrets of Sex Hypnosis. Within the pages of this book you will discover an amazingly simple, yet incredibly powerful method of using the incredible powers of hypnosis to make any woman into your sex slave.  









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Before you begin hypnotizing women, you must meet them. You must be able to gain their trust enough so that you can perform the process of hypnosis on them.  

One of the ways I like to do this is when I meet a woman I am attracted to, I simply tell her that I think she would make a good hypnotic subject. Most of the time when I use this approach, it is very effective.  

They may ask why I asked such a question. Then I tell them "You See, I am studying hypnosis, and I have to do a project for school. I am supposed to find someone who is open to hypnotic suggestions, and I think you would be able to help me with this." You will be surprised at how many women will say things like, "Oh, I could never be hypnotized." or "I don't believe in that stuff." That's great. Tell them that they are probably right. That will make them even more comfortable and open to letting you practice with them.  

Women are naturally curious creatures anyway. Most will accept your challenge of hypnotizing them. Tell them, "You know, you are right. I probably couldn't hypnotize you.....however would you be willing to try so that I can pass my hypnosis class?" Some cheesy line like this works great with the college type babes. They are mostly airheads and already walking around in some type of dizzy trance like stupor anyway.  

Give her your phone number and tell her if she is ever stressed and wants to get really relaxed and comfortable, then she will naturally pick up the phone and give you a call. Do this with 20 women and at least 5 will accept your challenge. Don't be pushy. Let her decide for herself that she is open to hypnosis. Tell her it's like a mind massage.  

Women love massages. However, if you have just met, she may not want you to touch her by giving her a massage, yet, but she will be willing to have a "mind massage" or visualization session. Then you can Brain Wash her into wanting a massage while she is under your hypnotic spell. The following chapter deals with how to begin inducing the Hypnotic Trance.  



The next step is to get your target ready to be hypnotized. Explain that hypnosis is a very natural and relaxed state of mind. She may ask some stupid question like, "Are you going to make me quack like a duck." Tell her absolutely not. Say that you are simply going to assist her and guide her to a wonderful state where she will feel great. A mental vacation if you will.  

Most people think that a hypnotist can make anybody do anything they want. Well let me tell you, as a hypnotist, If that were true, I would be having everybody I meet give me all of their money and be having sex with tons of hot porn actresses right now.  

You can't make a woman do anything that they wouldn't ordinarily do, or that they strongly object to. However, you can open parts of them that naturally lay dormant deep inside them.  

Every person has sexual desires. It's simply an instinct that is hard-wired in our human genetic code. Every woman, just as every man has sexual desires. Sometimes the desire is strong, and sometimes it is weak.  

Your objective is to get her thinking about her innermost sexual fantasies while she is under hypnosis, then associating those powerful sexual feelings to you, then it's up to you what you want to do with her after she wakes up from her hypnotic trance as horny as a toad.  

First you have to have an object that you can use for her to fixate her gaze on. You can use anything. The typical pocket watch is one example, however you can use a coin, a crystal, or anything. Shiny things tend to work the best. However it is ok for you to tell her to watch your hand too. Anything that she can cocentrate on is acceptable. Before you begin the Trance Induction, have her fixate her gaze on the shiny object. Tell her to continue staring at it and soon her eye lids are going to get very very heavy.....keep doing this until she starts blinking, or she looks like she is about to nod off.

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