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Jake's POV

We got to the safe house around 7 a.m. and I layed her down in our spear room. She has scratches all over her arms and dried blood everywhere, so I left the room to go get the first aid kit.

Where the hell did I put that thing? I almost never come here so I didn't know where most the things are at. But it's nice and clean because Kathie pretty much lives here after my mom died. She 's kind of like my little sister because my mom adopted her since she was little.

She always had a crush on me and we did once go out. But after we had sex which I was her first I relized that I really didn't like her that way and she was more of a little sister to me I broke up with her. I still remember how hurt she looked and the tears forming in her eyes. I hated myself ever since and so did she. She never forgave me for it.

As I was thinking about the sad memories when I heard her heart beat much faster then normal. She must be awake now. I went in the kitchen and looked in the draws but couldn't find it. So I filled a bowl of water and got some paper towels, then started on my way back to the spear room.

I opened the door and what I saw make me crack up with laughter. Violet was half way out the window but her foot was stuck on the leg of the night stand and she had a panic look on her face. It was priceless. When she saw me her face was washed with relief.

"You ok there?" I asked trying to calm my laughter down

"You could at least help me and not stand there looking like an idiot you know" She snapped at me and glared.

"Ok ok wait im coming" I put the bowl of water and the paper down on the table that was place in the room.

I walked over and cracked the window higher up and unhooked her foot from under the table then pulled her back in placing her on the King size colorful bed. She was about to say something but decided against it.

I walked over picked up the vowl of water soaked the paper towl and started cleaning her dired blood while she just sat there watching me.

"What's happening?" She whispered like she was scared to talk

"I already told you in the car" I dabbed the towel on her deepest cut which caused her to hiss in pain.

"Your really a v-vampire?"

"Yes that I am but I wont hurt you, also your my so-" I wanted to tell her she was my soul matebut 1 I didn't wanna scare her more then she already is. And 2 she probably won't believe me and think i'm a freak. So I decided against it.

"I'm your what?" She asked with ceruiosity in her eyes

"Your my soul friend?" It was more of a question then a statement but I didn't know what to say. One of her eye brown rose up and she looked at mean like I was crazy again.

"Ok.... Tell me more of what happened to my mother" She asked and looked to the floor but I knew how much it hurted her to talk about her mother.

"She left your dad and was about to come back for you but your dad was mad so he called one of his friend who was a vampire. He knows about us. He told his friend about the special power your mom holds. He told him to go kill your mother he als-" I was cut off by her sudden out burst