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Scream For Me (Removing on 11/30/14)


Chapter Seven



“Okay, Ma’am, we’ve checked out your apartment.  It doesn’t seem as if there are any signs of forced entry, and it seems that if there were, the dog would have alerted you anyway,” Lieutenant Corell said, glancing warily at Benjamin who sat with an expression that could only be described as a glare.

Patting him on the head, Jenna felt herself nodding.  She had hung up immediately and dialed 911, telling them she had dealt with the two officers previously already.  So far, her phone had not rung again, but that didn’t mean anything.

“Well, we can’t put a trace on your phone calls without a warrant,” Washington said with a deep sigh.  “And we won’t be able to get one without much more solid evidence.  Did he say anything else?”

Jenna shook her head.  “I - I panicked and hung up on him.”  She rubbed her hands on her face in her distress.  She just wanted to go to sleep and pretend none of that had ever happened.  “So, what are my options?”

Corell shook her head.  “Unfortunately, we don’t have anything to go by at this point.  There is no evidence saying that there is a real threat, and we’re dictated by policy.”

Finally having had reached her breaking point, Jenna let out a frustrated noise.  “So, basically, this guy can invade my personal life at every turn and I just have to deal?  Okay, sure, so he’s just said a few things that are creepy, but that could escalate and soon, I could be looking at something more serious!”

“Ma’am, I understand your concern, but we have it on record.  The best we can do is what we are now.”  Washington wrote a few more things on his notepad before closing it.  “Is there anything else we can do for you?”

Jenna bit her bottom lip and simply shook her head.  They had made it painstakingly obvious that they were going to be of absolutely no help to her.

Corell held a look of concern for her.  “Is there anywhere else you can stay for tonight?”

She shook her head.  “No, but according to the long arm of the law, there should be no reason to, right?”  She shut her eyes for a moment, regretting the bite in her own words.  “Sorry, stress.  I’ll be okay.  Look, thanks for coming.”

Corell nodded.  “Well, if anything else happens, call us back, okay?”

Jenna nodded and walked them to the door.  She made sure the locks were all secure before turning back to Benjamin, who was looking at her expectantly.  “Oh, no, we’re not going back out tonight, okay?  I can’t handle that kind of worry right now.”

Instead, she made herself a cup of tea, made sure there were no gaps in her blinds, and sat on the couch with her pooch to try to clear her mind with some TV.  She flipped through the channels, passing by news and sports, until she came to some mindless reality show.  She knew that sleep would not come to her, even if she tried.





The Master smiled to himself.  While he’d wished he’d been able to have a longer conversation with her, he knew that it would take a while for her to come around to his thinking.  She would see his devotion to her and would come to appreciate her, unlike the others.

It was difficult, the life he led.  They always rejected him.  He only wanted to have the perfect life with them, but they always seemed to make light of their own flaws in the process.  It had been a long, hard road trying to find the perfect woman, but he was determined.  He would succeed.

Still smiling, he slipped back into the room where Candace lay unconscious.  She had passed out with the first stitch in her cheek, and had remained so afterward.  He knew it was better that way; she wouldn’t try to move or speak, so he had been able to complete his task much more quickly.  

However, he still had a lot of work to do on her, before he could satisfy his urges.  He moved over to where she lay, still strapped to the table.  The stitches in her cheeks were perfect rows, making her resemble a doll in many ways.  She may not have been the perfect one, but she was turning out to be a good substitute.

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