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and then I met you

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Chapter 15. Outbursts

OBS: I updated yesterday aswell! SO read that chapter first in case you missed it :)

//dedicated to a really good friend of mine who helped me out writh this chapter :') thanks again love!//

Oh fuck. Oh bugger. OH GOD. As I saw the evil look in Jessica’s eyes I immediately regretted what I had said. But on the other hand telling the truth to any of her questions could be just as terrifying. As she smiled a winning smile my stomach twisted and I gulped. I quickly took two sips of my drink waiting for her to make up her mind.


“I dare you to…” She dragged out each word making it almost painful to wait for the final words of her dare. Oh my god. What if she dared me to strip? Or make a fool of myself? Countless of uncomfortable options ran through my mind, as I waited for Jessica to speak. She giggled and whispered something to Patrick dragging out the moment even longer. I looked up to see a scenery which only made the whole deal much worse; Zack entered the room as on cue with his arm wrapped around that same blonde girl he had spoken with earlier. He was whispering something in her hair and she was giggling. I already hated her guts.


I looked away pissed off, as Jessica finally spoke her choice; “go to the most attractive guy in the room and kiss him.” She smiled her devil smile at me, as my stomach dropped to somewhere near the basement. I had to choose a guy? My eyes flickered around the room terrified. I had to kiss someone? There were about 6 or 7 different guys in the room most of them waiting for me to make my pick. I looked back at Jessica and Patrick, as my eyes locked with Patrick’s he nudged Jessica’s side - probably after seeing my desperation. She rolled her eyes, “or you can sing the entire song ‘Little Things’ by One Direction to the guy you choose… sitting on his lap,” Patrick was about to interrupt her but she continued nevertheless, “looking into his eyes the entire song through.”


I felt my jaw drop and heard several ‘ooh’s’, this one was by far the cruelest. On one hand it would be quickly done to just kiss the guy and get it over with, but on the other hand I really didn’t want my first kiss to be with some stranger as a dare. Yes - I hadn’t kissed anybody yet. Feel free to laugh at me. But that’s just me - yeah it’s cheesy, but I wanted it to be as in the books; when the girl found her soulmate. I wanted it to be real.


I hadn’t looked over at Zack and the blonde girl, who had seated in the couch watching the game. I really couldn’t stand the sight and my reaction to seeing them had shocked me honestly. Why did I care if he had his arms around her? Why did it bug me so much, that they kept whispering stuff to each other? “I don’t know the lyrics to that song,” or most of it anyway I added in my mind with an annoyed tone. Jessica’s smile grew wider, “that’s too bad - I saw you as a type who would listen to that kind of stuff.”


Why was she such a prick? I thought to myself as people around us laughed, “she could choose it herself. Choose a song, which fits the boy.” My head snapped up as I heard Zack’s words, “what?”


He ignored me speaking directly to Jessica instead, whose smile just grew wider at the suggestion, “I like that idea.” She started nodding and looked over at me, “so Alex. Choose your guy!”


I looked around the room every face staring back at me anticipating my next move. The alcohol was intoxicating my body with every second making the whole situation seem more like a nightmare than real life. The room was dark, because the night sky outside had finally turned pitch black - the only thing illuminating the area outside was the light from the pool and the lit torches. I could hear people laugh in the distant. And Zack just sat there with that dumbass blonde girl laughing at me. He did this on purpose. He invited me only to let me be humiliated by Jessica. Probably just to earn points from this stupid group of popular kids. The anger was running through my body as a fire burning on the alcohol ignited by Jessica’s dare, how Zack was grabbing the blonde’s girl waist, the laughter. Everything.

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15. Outbursts


Lily Collinsas Alex Stone
Zac Efronas Zack Foster
Barbara Meieras Emily Johnson
Chace Crawfordas Nathan Foster
Cameron Mitchellas Jonathan Downey
Aaron Johnsonas David
Julie Ganzaloas Jessica
Colton Haynes as Patrick

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