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R5 Dirty imagines


So uh again this is just a book I write on when I feel like it/is h orny XD


*Nyah's pov*

I put my bags down on the floor in my new college room. Unfortunately I'll be sharing room with a guy... Is it even legally for a girl to share a college room with a guy? I don't know and I don't care anymore. Ugh he better be hot.

I opened my drawer but didn't see an empty drawer as expected. Nope instead I saw a big pink d ildo... Someone must have forgotten it... I could just try it. Just to see if it works. It looks clean. actually it doesn't seem to have been used before.

I bit my lip and looked at the door. I took the d ildo up in my hands. Okay just a fast in and out will do it.

I quick locked the door and laid down in my bed. I quick pulled my jeans and thong off. I spread my legs and slowly trusted the d ildo inside me. I had to bite my lip to hold the moans back. I started trusting in and out faster and faster as the seconds went by. When I was about to c um someone was at the door trying to opened it with a key. I shocked threw the d ildo out on the floor and got the covers around me. S hit.

"Finally!" Someone said and opened the door. He closed it behind him. He turned around and stared at me for a second. I looked nervously over at the pink d ildo laying on the floor. His eyes slowly looked in the same direction as mine. He started laughing and picked the d ildo up.

"What a way to greet your new roommate!" He said. He looked at the juices on the d ildo. He slowly licked some of it off. "Wow your juices are good. I'm Riker by the way."

"I'm Nyah..." I said shy. I'm not usually shy but I think it's pretty fair to be shy when my new roommate just found me m asturbating.

"Cool name... You know you shouldn't use a fake p enis, when you can have a real one." He said looking at me. He threw the d ildo in his own bed and pulled off his t-shirt.

"What are you doing..."

"Don't worry babe." He said pulling his jeans off.

"T-That's r ape."

"Not if you enjoy it." He smirked walking closer to me.

"T-That's true." I said staring at his few abs. A 4-pack... That's not bad. Somehow it makes him seem cute only having a 4-pack. He giggled. "What about your boxers?"

"Oh these? My p enis, yes this biggie. Will need a blow job."

"No way."

"Fine. You're just wasting your chance for f ucking the possibly biggest d ick ever."

"I'm sure there exist bigger d icks than yours."

"But are you ever gonna f uck them?"

"Probably not..." I bit my lip. Then you will get to taste his cum too... It's probably sweet like fruit... It could also be salty... "Fine! I will do it."

"I thought so." He said pulling his boxers down. Wow I'm not even sure his p enis can fit inside me!?

"It's not hard."

"No you will have to suck it hard. You sound like a virgin." He said. I didn't answer him. "Oh you- I will go easy on you."

"You don't have to... I already broke my hymen with a d ildo by accident... Not that one." I said looking at the d ildo on his bed. He started laughing again.

"It might still hurt though. But whatever. Tell me if you want me to slow down." He said as he got on top of me. He slowly pulled off my t-shirt. He moved his hand to my back and opened my bra with one finger snap. I threw my bra down at the floor. "You still have to suck me."


"Wait let's do a 69. You do know what that is right?"

"Dude I have watched p orn before. Now turn around." His yawn dropped.

"Okay." He mumbled something there could sound like 'fuck yeah'.

He turned around and quick moved his tongue to my pussy. I started moaning and quick got his cock into my mouth not wanting anyone else to hear me. I felt an orgasm being build up as I sucked and licked Riker' p enis. At least he washed it...

"I think you're wet enough now." He said as he stopped licking. I got his p enis out of my mouth.

"I was just about to cum! You better get your head back down there!"

"Sorry babe." He said and turned around. He got in between my legs which I quick wrapped around his waist as the girls in fan-fictions. "Ready?"

I nodded. He first pressed his d ick head inside me. As he had told me it did hurt a bit. But as he slowly started pressing his whole length inside me the pain turned into pleasure. I threw my head back in pleasure, moaning. I saw Riker smirking before he started trusting faster. I moaned even louder.

"Shhh babe!" He whispered. I didn't listen. I squeezed my eyes enjoying the pleasure. Suddenly his lips were at mine and the trusting got slower. I felt his chest against mine. He slowly kept pushing. I felt his tongue at my lip and quick let him. Our tongues had a party together as he trusted a bit faster. My walls tightened around his d ick and I let out a loud scream as I c um. He quick pulled back from the kiss and got his d ick out of my p ussy. He c um all over my chest. Me who had been in an o rgasm for around 20 seconds was h orny enough to lick all the c um up I could reach. He smirked and licked my breast and stomach clean.

He got up from my bed and picked his clothes up changing.

"We're gonna have a lot of fun through the year." He said winking. I laid my head down at my pillow still feeling like the blonde's c ock was inside me.

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