You did what?!?!??!(mindless behavior)


yn pov

nikki minaj-wake up time for school

yn-just a few more mins mom

nikki-get your ass out of bed now

yn-okay okay

i got up and did my hyigen stuff. i put on black skinny jeans with a half shirt that says yolo in red,i had red doc martins and i straightend my long brown curly hair as and went down stairs.

nikki-looking fly and we matching yn

yn-(giggles)hype.wheres prod

nikki-i dont know.prodigy*yells his name*

prodigy-comming.dont come upstairs

i go up to his room and open the door and see him in bed with  a girl    

  yn-ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yo gon get it 

prodigy-dont tell

yn-im too cute to tell

???-you wish you was cute nigga

yn-you talking to me

???-yeah bitch

yn-i know im a bitch you slut ive seen you around school givin blowjobs to people with money,trying me 


yn-you callin a slut i still got my v card*leaves*

prodigy-shay why you gotta act like a bitch all da time 

shay *slaps him*i wouldnt have to if that bitch wasent here

prodigy-were over 

shay-im sorry

prodigy-just leave shay

shay-just to let you know you should get checked for aids


YN*runs into prods room*-YAH

prodigy-she said i should get checked for aids

yn-where she at

shay-right her-*yn punches her*


shay-im comming for you

yn-nigga i aint worried bout nothing





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prodigyas him self
rayrayas him self
rocas as himself
Ace Youngas yn cuz
nikki minajas yn mom
drakeas yn father

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