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Larry Stylinson Sex

"Wait," He said, grabbing on to Carly's hand before she could walk away. "Could I have some more fruits?"

"Fruit? Sure," She responded with a small, nervous giggle. Before she could turn away, he pulled on her arm again to stop her.

"And, could you cut them in to the little cubes that way that you do?" He asked while using his free hand to motion the size he was supposedly talking about.

"Of course, I'll be right back with it."

Harry was trying hard to concentrate on his lines. He knew he was a shit actor, but there was a reason he was in a band as opposed to in a movie. At least no one expected much from him or the other boys, knowing how little experience any of them had.

Louis, of course, was doing everything in his power to make it harder for him even as he stood behind the scenes since he didn't have a scene to shoot at the moment. The fact that he was standing perfectly so that even when Harry was trying to focus on Miranda he could still see Louis in the background helped the situation little. When he wasn't making funny faces to get a laugh out of him in the middle of his line, he was making obscene hand gestures, liking his lips, or winking at him. That was distracting in a wholly different way. He was glad that he was under a thick comforter.

"And," He stopped her a final time, "Could you put warm socks on my feet?" If his voice came out slightly huskier than before, no one seemed to notice. Louis, however, smirked grandly at him from his place out of sight of the camera.

"Sure, I'll heat up a pair in the dryer." Carly smiled brightly before finally turning away and this time he allowed her. He smiled, nodded, and sunk lower in to the bed taking a deep breath and willing away the hardness in his sleeping trousers that were appointed to him for this part of their episode of iCarly.

As the scene continued with Sam sarcastically asking about Carly needing to wash their tour bus and bickering with the 'Doctor,' Harry just lay with his head tilted to the side. If they noticed he was looking past them and instead at his band mate, no one made comment.

Louis winked and licked his lips, making Harry take a deep, shuddering breath. He looked down for just a moment and was more than a little relieved by the fact that the blanket over him was more than a little ruffled, providing ample cover for his growing hard on.

When the scene finally ended with the clich├ęd call of "Cut!" Harry was more than a wee bit thankful.

"Alright, everyone!" The man yelled over the intercom, drawing everyone's attention. The boys were scattered about, making a ruckus of everything. That was to be expected, after all, they are nothing close to actors. "It's time for a break. I'm treating everyone to lunch!"

Harry sighed, not at all in the mood to go out with everyone else. He stayed sat on the bed on the set of 'Carly's bedroom,' turned on his stomach and snuggled in to the duvet. For it being a prop, it was rather comfortable.

"Oh, come on Haz!" Louis chastised, jumping on the bed and inevitably him. Harry grunted from being jostled by the smaller boy and maybe from the way his groin was pushed against the mattress, providing just a little friction.






"You're impossible."


Louis rolled his eyes and laughed, sitting up from where he was sprawled across Harry's back. Before he could quite get situated on his bum, Harry turned over underneath him so that he was lying on his back. The sudden movement made him loose his balance, and with a gasp Louis went toppling to the floor.

"You're a twat and I hate you."

"You're lying,"

"You're still a twat,"

Harry laughed, his dimples showing and despite having just been thrown on the floor by his best mate, Louis couldn't help but to join in.

"Hey, you guys coming?" Miranda Cosgrove asked, walking over. There was confusion in her eyes, likely at finding the two members of One Direction laughing at seemingly nothing. Or it could have had something to do with Louis lying on the floor and Harry still being curled up in her character's prop bed.

"Not at the moment, give us a few seconds alone and I'll see what I can do." Louis answered without hesitation and a smirk lighting his
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