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Dead To You (The Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fan Fiction)


Chapter Nine:

The pain I felt was unreal. All I could think about was the people I had lost. I no longer had my older brother to cry to. I no longer had my best friend to complain to. I no longer had my first love to cuddle with and to tell me it'll be okay. The white walls of the prison didn't make it any better. It only made it worst. The walls made it feel like my whole world was collapsing on top of me. My body shuddered with the immense sobs that left my body.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?" A voice asked me. I looked up from the tear-soaked pillow and towards the doorway. A young woman with a pixie cut hairstyle and sad eyes stared back at me.

"I'm sorry?" I wiped the tears from under my eyes.

"I asked you how you're feeling, sweetheart." She was now in the room and leaning up against the bunk bed. I pulled my legs up to my chest and laid my head on my knee.

"Alone. I feel like I don't have anyone to turn to anymore. Everyone I love is either dead or doesn't care anymore." I mumbled. She had taken a seat next to me on the bed.

"Sweetheart, you and I both know that isn't true." She placed a comforting hand on my back. "You know, every night Daryl would come and talk to me about you. He would tell me how much he missed waking up every morning to your beautiful face. He truly loved you and I don't think he'll ever stop caring about you. I know how it feels to lose someone. I lost my daughter a while back and i've never been the same. Your Daryl is who helped me through it" She rubbed my back and smiled at me. I gave her a tearful smile.

"Thank you." I managed to spit out. "What's your name , by the way?"

"Carol," She replied. "My name is Carol."

Cries filled the prison's stale air. I grabbed my cross bow and rushed out to aid whomever was hurt. When I had come into the open, everyone was calm as if they hadn't heard the cries that had filled the air.

"Do y'all hear that?" I asked. Carl, Rick's kid, looked up from the gun he was loading. 

"It's just Lil Ass-kicker." He mumbled. Rick shot a glare at his son. 

"Carl, watch your mouth." Rick looked up at me. "It's my daughter, Judith. Don't worry yourself, Hayley." I started to walk up the stairs of the prison toward where Beth, Maggie's little sister was tending to the child. The bed that the child was to sleep in was a crate with the word 'Lil Ass-kicker' written in permenant marker. It was Daryl's handwriting.

"Where's her mother?" I asked Beth as she handed the baby off to me. My heart fluttered as I held the child. I wasn't used to holding such delicate things.

"Lori passed away when she gave birth to Judith." Beth sniffled. "It's been hard on Rick." I peered down at Rick, who seemed restless. I bounced Judith a bit in my arms then, handed her off to Beth.

"That's terrible." I sighed. "How'd Carl take it?" Beth shook her head.

"See how he is now?" I nodded and looked off to where Carl was fixing his gun. "He wasn't like that before. He was an average kid. He was happy, but he witnessed his momma's death and it was terrible for him." I could barely think about the pain Carl went through. My heart ached for him.

"Remember when we sat on the roof of my house, singing 'Miss American Pie?" I giggled as I leaned into Daryl. Daryl chuckled and took another swig of beer.

"Probably one of the best nights of my life, Baby." Daryl wrapped his arms around me tighter as the wind started to pick up. We were sitting in the bed of his pick up truck, staring at the stars. It was the perfect night. We had just went out for late night ice cream run and we were waiting out for the sunrise. We both needed time away from our families. Merle had been sentenced to time in jail for driving under the influence, leaving Daryl with an angry, abusive father. I, on the other hand, had just said 'goodbye' to my older brother as he was being shipped off to a military base in Afganistan. We needed each other more than ever. Daryl laid down in the bed of the truck and pulled me down with him. I laid my head on his chest. Listening to his heartbeat calmed me down even more.

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