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My Best Friend Angelica



   It took almost an hour but I had gotten rid of the cops and I had Angelica tied up in the living room of my parents’ beach house that blended in perfectly with twenty other ones. On the ride over I had to pull out a gun and point it at Angelica to ensure that she wouldn’t try to jump up and do some stupid shit to get us caught.


     Now personally, I didn’t like guns. They seemed impersonal and were a coward’s way out. You could easily shoot someone from a distance and get it over with but I liked to use objects where you had to get close to your victim and you could actually hear their screams and bones breaking and put in actual effort. And I know what you’re probably thinking and just so you know, I’m not crazy. I had spent more than 5 years talking to a psychiatrist and I didn’t have to see her anymore because she said I was absolutely fine. So there.


   “Why are you doing this Nikki?” Angelica pleaded.


   “Doing what?” I asked as clueless as ever. “Did I tie you up to tight?”


   “That’s not what I meant you fucking psycho!” I felt my anger rising and immediately regretted not taping her mouth.


   “Calm down Angie,” I moved to touch her but she flinched. “This will be over soon.”


     As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard the sirens in the distance. I turned and saw Angelica smiling so I snatched up some duct tape and put it over her mouth. “If they get me, I’m going to get you.” I whispered in her ear.


   “Nikki! Nikki Stark?”


      I nearly snarled like an animal at the sound of my name coming from a bullhorn. I spotted the look of delight Angelica’s eyes held before she stop it and immediately slapped her across the face swiftly. When the tears slid down her face silently I apologized.


   Ignoring the ringing of the phone I pulled up a chair and sat directly in front of Angelica. “I’m sorry all of this happened and I feel like I owe you some kind of explanation because I know you didn’t see any of this coming,” she shook her head and I smiled. “I’m going to remove the tape because I want to hear what you have to say about this but I swear if you scream…” by the violent shake of her head I knew that she got the point and I slowly pulled the tape off. She winced ant the pain but she seemed to calm down when she noticed there were no weapons nearby. I smiled because she hadn’t seen the table of weapons I had behind her, just out of her eyesight.


     The ringing of the phone was driving me crazy (crazier?) so I answered it.


   “Nikki don’t hang up.” I immediately hung up on the unknown voice. Who the hell was it to tell me what do? I wanted to tell Angie my story but concentrating was going to be hard with the ringing of the phone so the next time it rang, I answered it.


   “Nikki, please.” The voice begged and it was the same voice as before except it sounded nicer and calmer.


   “What do you want?” I snapped.


   “Nikki, you know what I want.” I hung up and a minute later it rang again. “What was that for?” he asked when I answered.


   “I thought you had the wrong Nikki because I wasn’t psychic.” I smiled as I heard him let out a long exasperated sigh.


   “Nikki, my name is Detective Hallow.” He just earned another hang-up.


    The bastard probably smiled like crazy when he found out he was going to be in charge of this. He probably had amazing tuition for being suspicious about me in the office the other day because I’ve never really done anything crazy before, I think.


   “You don’t remember Detective Hallow do you?”


     I turned around and stared at Angelica like she was a magician. I had completely forgotten that she was here. “No. How would I?”


   “Detective Hallow and his wife Mary had 5 kids Nikki. Mark, Jessica, Michael, Katie, and-”

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Mila Kunisas Nikki Stark
Vanessa Hudgensas Angelica May
Tyler Posseyas Chris Night
Leonardo DiCaprioas Elijah Stray
Gerard Butleras Detective Hallow

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