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I left my past behind.


As well as all the sorrows, pain and grief


But one thing is left in my heart

And that is anger…


Anger for him… For her… for both of them…


Anger for them who caused my life’s devastation


It’s like I felt my downfall when my greatest treasure passed away because of them…


It’s like I’ve died together with my precious little one…


And yet for my come back…


I’ve let myself been born again…


I used to be a sweet person I could be way back when I was still weak…


And after all the pain and the sorrows I’ve suffered…



I’ve become stronger, bolder and fiercer….


Dam-n those crying nights I’ve had…

Dam-n those times when I was still fragile…

Dam-n myself for being vulnerable…


For he’s the reason for my great change…


I’ve changed for the better…

I’ve changed for myself…

I’ve changed ‘coz I’ve learned…



I built a barrier for myself not to be hurt again…


Would I still come back to him when his memories flash back in his mind?




What if a new one comes along?


Someone who can turn me into my old sweet self

Someone who can understand and considerate my feelings

Someone who can love me unconditionally

Someone who won’t hurt me like I felt before

Someone who will never leave me hanging

Someone who can accept me no matter what happened

Someone who will let me forget my dark past


And someone who can mend my broken heart




Who am I going to end up with?


The man from my past…





The man who can let me feel the sanity of being loved?



Will I still hold on to my past?





Will I rely to the change of fate?






WAG NA WAG NIYONG ITUTULOY NA BASAHIN ITO KUNG DI NIYO PA NABABASA ANG BOOK 2: HIS PROMISE -___-V Sa mga naliligaw, punta muna kayo sa book 2 nito.. Nasa external link po..

A/N: Kahit may ilan na hindi agree na magkabook 3 ito, tinuloy ko pa rin dahil MAS MARAMI ang excited para dito :) Expect a lighter story line in here :) Pakipanuod na rin yung ginawa naming teaser/promotional video.. Sensya na, first time gumawa ng ganyan :)---- >>

Thanks sa sponsor ko for this week. Anonymous nalang para masaya. Hihihi! Wala pa akong book cover kasi wala pa yung hinihintay ko :( So, bukas ulit? Tanghali ko ipopost ang first chapter. Comment kayo guys ha?

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