One Direction Preferences / Imagines (Book 1)


Harry:"Oh shit Becky!" Harry moaned as he reached his climax. You stared at him in shock, "Did you just say Becky?" "No. Babe I didn't." Harry reassured you as he kissed your neck. You pushed him off and started to get dressed, "If you knew what was good for you, you'll sleep on the couch." You yelled slamming the door on his face.

Niall:"I'm sorry. Please forgive me!" Niall begged. You rolled your eyes avoiding his gaze, "You yelled your ex's name while we were having sex, care to explain?" you asked, Niall sat there speechless running his hands through his hair. "Exactly." you responded before storming off.

Liam:"Stacy oh my god I'm gonna-" Liam moaned as he kissed you roughly. You quickly shoved him off of you. "What did I do wrong?" Liam asked softly. "You called me Stacy you prick. My name isn't Stacy jackass." "It was an accident." Liam reasoned "Don't give that crap Liam when I come back you better have a good reason or your ass will be sleeping on that couch for a week."

Louis:"I'm sorry babe." Louis told you, "No." "It was an accident" "No it wasn't Louis stop with the exc-" You were cut off as Louis smashed his lips onto yours. "Let me make it up to you babe." Louis whispered between kisses, "Can I do that babe?" "Mhmhm."

Zayn:"Damn Leslie oh my god." Zayn moaned slamming into you. You looked up at him staring into his brown eyes, "Did you call me Leslie?" you asked. "It was an honest mistake there was a fan I met today named Leslie please forgive me." Zayn begged. "Fine." you responded pressing your lips to his, "Better be the last time Malik."

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