Wonderful Pain


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Ashley Goodman is a sexy and seductive nineteen year old girl. She lives for fashion, the parties, and most of all, the guys. With medium-brown hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body and smile, she is the envy of the girls and stars in the dreams of boys.

She is a girl to die for.

And that is not something to be taken lightly.

It is the truth.

Ashley is also a werewolf. Not one of the original, full-moon-brings-change kind of werewolf, but she is descended from a line of shape-shifters that just happen to have changed into wolves. She also has a gift that rarely appears in female shifters; in fact, she is only one of three that have it in the entire world.

Out of millions of wolves; only three have the gift - and it is deadly.

The gift Ashley has?

She is a siren.

Any boy falls helpless to her command, and she does not even have to sing. Any commanding phrase she utters is immediately their life goal to obey, and almost no one can stop them.

Ashley is unaware of the dangerous weapon she possess. So one night, can a hateful comment become a death sentence for young Theo Jarga?

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