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 We are invited to the Queen’s ball, I mean like the royal Queen. It must like some sort of important news, or maybe she just couldn’t get enough of me. No one can resist Harry. I wiggle my eyes in front of the mirror


Lou walks in with Lux in one hand and her mini kit of makeup in the other hand. I help her out and keep Lux busy. I showed her a bunch of silly faces, but she’s not having any of me. I sighed in defeat and stole her scooter. I hear her trying to pronounce my name “Haweh, scoo-” I was out the door by then.


I honestly felt bad for stealing her scooter, but it was for godly reasons, Vine. I called for Niall and he appeared we fooled around with her scooter and made a new creation. ‘Haven’t got my license yet, Ouch.’ And ‘Niall on his way to X games’


It was sensational, because it was a hit with our fans. I returned the scooter to Lux, and she punched me in the arm.


But I dare say, “That didn’t hurt” and walked away. Only to come across the devil, she had a strict aura about her that silenced even Lux, who was now quiet fiddling her fingers in her mouth. 


“So, had your pick yet?” she questioned. I gave her a puzzled look. She was turning a bit red. Oh no!


“You had to choose someone who can for date you for publicity, for your new album; with an exception of higher status than you.” She stated, as a matter of fact.


“Oh.” The only word came out of my mouth. I processed the information and she warned me with a deadline of this week. Is she kidding? To find someone to date is not as easy as it sounds. For one, it has to be someone famous, and we need to end in good terms as I am the womanizer according to the media.




Guess I’ll get my pick at the ball.




I was exhausted after a full day of roaming around with clues. With Anne tagging along I couldn’t really think. I went to my room, and expected Anne to lose me on the way. Never


“Anne, get out of my room. I need to go to my thinking place.” I scolded her, she gave me ‘are you serious’ look. She thinks that I can never get a man, because I will probably be the man in the relationship.


I was a born rebel


I go against anything the Queen says, this started after the mysterious death of my parents. The rebellion is also a spark to my sharp mind and just one day I hope I know of who killed my parents.


From lady lessons to tea parties, I was a shame. But when my name pops up in the news, everyone takes pride in that. It goes in a scrapbook of grandchildren that is maintained by a hired assistant of the Queen herself. She cares alright.


The case of the dead man, in his apartment is not very easy to crack, because if my suspicions are right in a few days there will be a murder of his ex-wife.


I was disturbed by a knock, wasn’t Anne supposed to guard my room. I gave a grunt and open the door that went flying open. I was greeted with an invitation, to a ball and the announcement of my engagement…with Louis a step- son of some far relative that would be not blood related.


An absolute fantastic job trying to hide it from me, till this day. Brilliant. Funny, how I knew this on the same day as the Queen did. She thought I’d throw a fit, little does she knows that, I am totally in with the plan.  Before the gloomy sensation fills me I walk out the door and submit myself to get ready.


The team of people surround me like a swarm of flies. The result is obvious that I look more feminine, rather from my daily attire. One of the girls, used a concealer, to cover my blemish as she brushed across my cuts in my hands I can only be embarrassed. I did not let anyone get to me, I held my head high. That was a phase that was meant to happen. I just didn’t know better. But I guess I can divert my thoughts into better answers.


A beanie, tight jeans, plain coloured tees, and a trench coat is my typical attire. The magazine that interview me doll me up too, and I’m perfectly fine to show an act to all of them.  After all, that’s how magazine sell, a different perspective.

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Emma Watson as Diana
Harry Stylesas Harry Styles
Hector Elizondoas Preston
Queen Elizabeth IIas Queen
Alan Rickmanas William
Josh Bryantas Louis
Louise Brealeyas Anne
Penn Badgleyas Timothy
Louis Tomlinsonas Louis Tommo
Liam Payneas Liam
Niall Horanas Niall
Zayn Malikas Zayn
Paul Higginsas Paul
Lou Teasdaleas Lou

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