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He Plays It Like He's A Superstar★ (A Mindless Behavior Sequel) [UNEDITED]


 chapteer 17 . !

  youu might wanna plaay ' Trouble by Bei Maejor when Roc and Jassie's part comes up — it just fits ,  youu know .  ? <3

  {At The Crib, 7:52 pm}

 (Jassie is watching 'World's Dumbest...' until Prince sits next to her)


  Prince: You aight, babe?

  Jas'marieé: (nods) Yeah...just thinking.

  Prince: What's on your mind?

  Jas'marieé: You sound like a Facebook status. (laughs)

  Prince: (shrugs) My bad...but seriously, what you thinking about?

  Jas'marieé: About all this baby stuff. I don't think I'm pregnant...well I hope not.

  Prince: I'd be scared if you were pregnant, but I'd never run away.

  Jas'marieé: (smiles) Thanks Princeton...I love you.

  Prince: I love you more and more every what the hell is this? (points at the TV because some guy has girl underwear on his head)

  Jas'marieé: You never heard of World's Dumbest...? This is the funniest show besides Tosh.0!

  Prince: I'll be the judge of that.

 * * *

  [1 Hour Later...]

  Prince: (on the floor laughing) This is too funny! Do they only make criminal episodes?

  Jas'marieé: Naw...They have ones with brawlers, daredevils, inventions, jokesters, outlaws, drivers, on.

  Prince: True Blood might have to be on hold.

  Jas'marieé: (laughing) Well you're in luck because the new episode of this comes on tomorrow.

  Prince: ready for the doctor?

  Jas'marieé: No...I'm afraid of the results...What if I'm pregnant, Princeton? I'd have to give up everything...including you.

  Prince: Me?

  Jas'marieé: Not in a literal sense, but like dates and hanging out. I'll miss it, you know?

  Prince: True...but after you think about it, little you and me will always make us one forever.

  Jas'marieé: You're right...You know what you always do?

  Prince: What?

  Jas'marieé: Make me smile.

  Prince: You know what you always do?

  Jas'marieé: (smiles) What?

  Prince: Make me h—

  Jas'marieé: If you even say what I think you are...

  Prince: I was gonna say you make me happy, you big freak. (smirks)

  Jas'marieé: Oh. (blushes) Awkward....

  Prince: (pulls Jassie onto his lap) Not really.

  Naty: You lil nasties...(walks in with Shay, Brittany, Malaysia, Biz, Prod, and Ray)

  Jas'marieé: (Ray Ray shrug) Not my problem you guys are obligated to watch me and him.

  Ray: Nu-uhhh! Don't be swacking my shrugs.

  Malaysia: Actually, you swacked Kanye's shrug.

  Ray: (hush mode).....So?

  Prod: (looks at Biz, who is silently releasing angry tears) Biz, why you pissed?

  Biz: Because Diggy's an asshole!

  Brittany: How?

  Biz: He basically called me a slut.

  Everyone: WTF? WHY?

  Biz: 'Cause I called him a deadbeat for not taking care of Shani's baby. He about to leave back to New York until school starts. (rolls eyes)

  Prod: I'm sorry B, but he's an asshole for that.

  Biz: Don't be sorry.

  Door: Knock knock knock!

  Everyone: It's open!

  Diggy: Wassup bros? (gives the boys dap) My dudettes. (hugs the girls but stops when Biz glares at him) Hi.

   Biz: Don't talk to me.

   Diggy: (sighs and turns away from her) I'm 'bout to head off to New York to handle some stuff before school.

   Prod: What type of business?

   Diggy: I have no clue...but I'll find something.

   Prince: That don't make sense, but okay...

   Diggy: Well, I better get going. See y'all in a few days. (looks at Biz, who is glaring at him. He walks over and kisses her on the cheek and whispers in her ear) I love you.

   Everyone: Awww!

   Biz: (gives them the 'shut-the-fuck-up-before-you-get-your-face-smacked-off look') Shut the fuck up before your face gets smacked off!

   Ray: Somebody's feisty.

   Diggy: Lemme go before I end up witnessing a decapitation. (Diggy waves at them and leaves)

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Jacob "Princeton" Perezas Himself
Me (iScreamMindlessx3)as Jas'marieé "Jassie" Gutierrez
Logan Browningas Shai'lee "Shay" Carter
Melinda Shankaras Deanna "Dede" Barrett
Sofia Vergaraas Mrs. Bond
Essence Atkinsas Mama Sasha (Jas'marieé's Mom)
Idris Elbaas Daddy Nick (Jas'marieé's Dad)
Denise Boutteas Shai'lee's Mom
Kiely Williamsas Malaysia
Craig "Prodigy" Crippen Himself
Chresantos "Roc Royal" Augustas Himself
Bizza (MindlessChickaa)as Biz
Keshia Chanteas Sheanatya
Brittanyas Herself
Bow Wowas Isadore Gutierrez
Diggy Simmonsas Himself
Raquan "Ray Ray" Smithas Himself
MorgzTayloras Morgan
PrincetonsMainChickas Sodee
BiteMySCHWAGGas Tierra

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