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Tears of Awakening


Tears of Awakening- CELINDA SANTILLAN

Returning from the Dead (Prologue)

Alyssa grins at Miranda’s confused and shocked face.

“Alyssa? It can’t be.”

Alyssa’s face turns serious. Her long brown hair is now tied into a ponytail and her eyes are blazing purple as always. “It’s me Miranda, I’m Alyssa.”

“But you sense like Annalisa. This isn’t possible.” She shakes her head in doubt.

“It is possible. I know it’s starnge and everything, but it’s really me, Miranda. I’m Alyssa.”

“But how are you in Annalisa’s body? Explain.”

Alyssa gave her a sad smile and walked pass Miranda to her kitchen knowing that Miranda would follow. She sits on a chair and takes a deep breath. “I sacrificed myself to save Julian, to stop the war. Annalisa sacrificed herself to save me and Julian’s heart.”

“Why would she do that? She is the one who caused so much trouble. There has to be a reason behind it.”

“There is. After I woke up in my sister’s body I was confused. I started to have so many flashbacks on my past life that I have forgotten. I now know everything that I did and said. I remembered how I was created. I remember my mom, I remember him.”

“Him? You mean Julian?”

Alyssa shook her head. “No, I mean my father.”

“The God? You can’t possibly remember him. He didn’t know of your existence till recently.”

She took a deep breath as she remembers the time in 1562, the year Annalisa killed Julian. She was created a couple of weeks after her. She remembers how her mother, Selene, smiled at her with such love and honor. She silently whispered to her ear ‘you are meant for great things, Daughter. You shall be hidden until those great things find you.’ Little did her mother know that he father already knew about her existence. Selene hid her through portals. That was the last time she saw her mother. Astator came into the picture and was in trouble. His anger rose as he found out that she was the only one that could kill him. Her uncle wanted to murder her, but his heart didn’t let him. She swore an oath in blood that she would never betray him. He was satisfied and helped her. That was until one day she snuck out of one the portals and found herself face to face with her father.

He was radiating in power. His hair is short and black. His beard was the same. He didn’t look like a powerful god. He was handsome. He wore a long purple robe that showed his power. His eyes are dark with a hit of purple. She then realized that her eyes came from her father. He stared at her and smiled.

“Daughter.” He greeted.

“Father.” Alyssa nodded in acknowledgement.

“Welcome to the heavens.”

She ran her fingers through her long ivory dress with gold imprints that flows like feathers. She didn’t realize what she was wearing, but when she did she frowned in confusion. She turned her eyes from her dress to her father. “What is this?”

The God chuckled loudy. “I cannot have you dressed in rags when you are in the Heavens. You are my daughter therefore you will be dressed as such.”

“Why am I here?” She asked.

“I must be asking you the same. Why are you here before me?”

Alyssa shook her head. Her waved hair is up in perfect curls. “I don’t know.”

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