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Abused(Mindless Behavior)



I walked home with guilt.I can't believe I did that.I promised him I would not do that and yet I beat him.I did it for a good reason though. I walked into my house with Prince's blood on my hands.

"Ray is that you?"he yelled from the kitchen."Yes"I shouted back in frustration.He walked in and kissed me on the lips and looked at my hands."Ray why are there blood on your hands?And why are you mad?"He asked."Roc it is nothing."I lied.He looked at me and shook his head.

He turned around and look the other way."Why are you lying to me?" I looked at him and said"I'm not lying"

He looked at me and grabbed me with his hands on my neck."Roc stop...Your scaring me..." He has never cried.He has never put his hands on me either..He looked at me and punched me.

"How dare you lie to me in my face.I do every thing for you and you don't give 2 shits.All I wanted you to do was tell me the truth and let me handle things.And you don't even do that.WHY!?!?HUH!?!?!" He stared at me with hatred,hurt,betrayal and everything else.He looked as if he could kill me."I'm sorry"I managed to choke out. He stared at me.His light brown eyes looking straight through me.He sighs in frustration as he walked out.

I started thinking about things.Things that happened in the past.

Roc,my boyfriend,is a part of a gang.So is Prod.Mindless Behavior broke up when Prince left.Yeah we are gay.I use to be straight but Prince changed me.I loved him.We loved each other...yea it may sound cliché but it was true.Roc hated and still does hate Prince because Prince had me first.

He was my first kiss.My first love.My first friend.And he almost toke my virginity but he left. We were planning on doing it the night we were going to come out of the closet...Roc will kill me and him if he finds out that I love Prince.I know that he is my boyfriend but he acts,as if ,I don't appreciate him.I do though.He is my best friend I do love him. But I am in love with Princeton.

Mindless Behavior broke up when Prince left a year ago.It wasn't the same without him.We were all gay but Prince was the one to come out.Every one judged him I even got frustrated because he said that I didn't love him.After he said that I called him a "Worthless,bitchass,faggot".I judged him and he ran off.

We were something back then.We were supposed to tell we were gay together but I backed out.Then me and Roc got together.I never stopped looking for Prince.When I found him I knew I loved him.

I decided to wait for Roc.I cooked his favorite dinner.I waited an hour and I didn't want his food cold so I placed the food in the microwave.

I sat on the couch until one o'clock in the morning.I heard the knob jiggle and heard rustling.The door busted open with my worst nightmare standing in front of me.

Roc and Prod.


I was beyond shocked. I stood there for five minutes waiting. I looked at him in disbelief. I toke the plate of food and I walked out the back door. I started to Stars house. The walk was like fifteen minutes but I pushed through.

I walked to the side of the house and climbed through the open window the was in Stars bedroom. I walked out of her room and knocked on Prince's door. He open it slowly and saw he was bloody from head toe. I felt so bad for him.

He gave me a surprised look as I walked in the room and sat the plate on the floor. He only had a bed,lamp,pencils, and a book that held the pencils and lamp. I toke his hand and brought him to the bathroom.

I toke a towel and soaked it in warm water.I started to wipe off the blood slowly,after I got done I got a different towel.I put alcohol i found in the cabinet.I started wiping the cut under his eye.He cringed when it made contact but he toke the pain.

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