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When One Gangs Begins, Another Will Back Down*Durarara!!* Book One

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Introduction: The Green Bandanas?!

"Who are those people?" a girl with blonde hair said pointing towards a group of people. There was about five people in the group. All of them were laughing and talking to each other. They all looked like they were either in their late teens, early thirties or in between those two ages.

"I don't know." the girl's friend, who had brown hair, replied looking over at the group.

"Why are they wearing green bandanas?" the blonde girl looked at the group a little closer and they were indeed wearing green bandanas.

"Not sure, but they seem familiar." responded the brown haired girl not really caring about the group

"They sure do." the blonde girl nodded.

"Hey guys whatcha talking about?" another friend with black hair popped in the blonde and brown haired girl's conversation.

"The people in the green bandanas." replied the blonde girl.

"Yeah, they have been here since this morning." added the brown haired girl.

"Huh?!?! I-I-It's t-the Gr-Green B-Bandanas?!" stuttered the black haired girl, who still remembered the almost forgotten group.

"Really they're back?!" both girl yelled in unison and in slight fright as the name 'Green Bandanas' rang a bell to them.


-Tanaka Taro has entered the chatroom-

-Kanra has entered the chatroom-

Tanaka Taro: Hey.

Kanra: Hello.

Tanaka Taro: Do you know anything about the group, Green Bandanas?

Kanra: Green Bandanas?

Tanaka Taro: Yeah the Green Bandanas. I heard about them when I passed a group of girls.

Kanra: The name does ring a bell.

Tanaka Taro: The group of girls I passed by said they seemed familiar too.

-Setton has entered the chatroom-

Setton: How are you guys?

Kanra: Fine.

Tanaka Taro: I'm fine too. Do you know anything about the Green Bandanas?

Setton: The Green Bandanas? I heard that they were another colored group like the Blue squares and Yellow scarves, but they disappeared a few years back.

Tanaka Taro: I see, but there is something I am slightly confused about.

Kanra: And what would that be?

Tanaka Taro: Why would they just suddenly appear in Ikebukuro if they left a few years back?

Setton: Maybe they heard about Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Slashers' Army were in Ikebukuro and decided to come here and check out what is happening.

Tanaka Taro: Or there is just a completely different reason why they're here.

Character Information x

Mikado Ryugamine (maincharacter creator of the dollars)

Masaomi Kida ( blonde and is the leader of the yellow scarves)

Anri Sonohara (she controls saika casue she cannot love)

Celty Sturluson( the headless rider whose bike is a diguise horse)

Shizuo Heiwjima (dressed as a bar tender and has super strength and a short temper hate Izaya Orihara)

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When One Gangs Begins, Another Will Back Down *Durarara*


Kara Edwardas Haruhi Mimiku
Johnny Boschas Izaya Orihara

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